In Pilsen, a new study focused on regional music Added:4.2. 2010
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In Pilsen, a new study focused on regional music

Faculty of Education University of West otveře the academic year 2010/2011 a new Bachelor degree, which is in the studio ** popularization of culture and organization of music ** focus inter alia on the cultural history of the Pilsen region, but also neighboring Bavaria.

A specific study in addition to training in the Czech and world music culture and music theory also acquire knowledge about musical traditions and contemporary pieces of music in the Pilsen Region and Bavaria. For this reason, the study will focus on language skills of future graduates. In addition, last year some lectures will be held in German.

Graduates, however, the subsequent search for work is not confined to the region of Pilsen and Bavaria. / / "In the study loads are also guidelines that will enable future organizers to move the music life, even in the Czech environment, regardless of region and region. The focus of the Bavarian field is a factor which brings a bit of our new field of study by its uniqueness and of course competitive with other faculties and departments which have similar learning interests, "/ / confirms the Department of Music Culture George Bezdek. / / "But we want also to other contacts and content of study and focus further specialized, and we expect external stimuli, for which we are grateful. Much of the teaching staff of our department is involved in organizing concerts in many ways. "/ /

The importance of „regional“ focus on training future professionals, according to Bezdek manifested at several levels. / / „Regional culture has its own unmistakable characteristics, which are given such an offer is less than, in the capital, which is often reflected in a completely different climate and culture of the man.“ / / Another motivation for the field, he and the protection of cultural heritage and the specific regional culture. / / „I think all of this in the west Bohemia, and that we can know the future students in this sense, many explain,“ / / head of department supplies.

The field will be made this year about 20 students on the basis of holistic testing conducted under the Scio. At any of these links will give greater emphasis. / / „Scio tests will be evaluated as a whole, since all aspects are applicable to the field,“ / / notes Bezdek. Musical talent or knowledge to play a musical instrument for the recruitment of students will be assessed. After completing undergraduate studies will be possible to continue the cycle master.

More information about the new branch can be found on the 'Department of Music Culture: https: / / / FPE / KHK / Study / He / branches / popularization / index.html PFE UWB.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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