The new field combines the FoA Czech with computers Added:10.2. 2010
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The new field combines the FoA Czech with computers

„For students who love language and are not afraid of computers.“ „For students who love computers and not afraid to czech.“ So exactly Motty characterize these representatives of the Faculty of Arts „, Masaryk University in Brno“: http://www.vysokeskoly .cz / system / index.php? article = 2041 & school = 2 new Bachelor degree, which will be open from next academic year: ** Czech language, specialized computational linguistics **. Applications may be submitted for study by the end of February.

Field of study is designed as a single-subject study and is intended for all who are interested in language and computer technology. Teaching will provide Department of Czech Language Faculty of Arts and the Department of Information Technology Faculty of Informatics, especially the Center for Natural Language Processing. Part of the training will take place at the Faculty of Informatics.

More information can be found in this „information sheet“:…ni_letak.pdf (pdf) and also on the website „“: http : / /

Source: „“: „“: / news / new-study-study-of-Czech-and-informatics

Author: Černá, Lucie

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