Psychology at the University three years of courses Added:8.2. 2010
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Psychology at the University three years of courses

Accreditation Commission, Ministry of Education has included psychology, taught at the Faculty of Arts, the undergraduate courses, while the continuous five-year option ending in the title section. rejected. It did so, explaining that this step is fully consistent with the so-called Bologna process, which is currently implemented in all EU countries. Its meaning lies in the number of higher education with a bachelor of education at the possibility of adding a higher level of university studies. Educators do not agree with it but. He informed that on Friday 4 Czech Radio in February.

Among academics, educational institutions and policies in the education sector so began a debate about whether it is right to study psychology at Czech high schools and universities have opened only in the form of a three-year study with follow-up study in the master cycle. According to the Head of the Department of Psychology at the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University Vaclav mertin three years of study are not sufficient, since this level of education, students can perform responsible professional, in particular the practical character. These include for example, occupational psychologist. Faculty will therefore continue to seek accreditation for a five-year master's program.

Head of the Accreditation Commission Vladimira Dvorakova, this system is deemed correct. First, because it provides higher education to more people, because they are more likely to finish his studies, than in the case of continuous masters, plus the option to increase employability. At least five studies have not yet keeps in particular in engineering, legal and medical fields. Discussion about whether to divide the study of psychology at the bachelor's and master's cycle, arose mainly because it is generally regarded as being very close to the discipline of medical sciences.

Three-year psychology course is nothing new in this version is offered for example, Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech University of South Bohemia Budejovice, Ostrava University, Masaryk University and others. Some of the time on your site will still offer the five-year study. A detailed overview of degree programs with links to schools can be found in our „Search Engines“:…em/index.php?….

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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