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I'm going to an internship or a while before leaving ... Added:15.2. 2010
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I'm going to an internship or a while before leaving ...

Already we have several on our site brought interviews with people who have already completed an internship abroad, or we interviewed even more directly in the ground. What is it but just before D-Day that happens and you go into the unknown waters of foreign schools and landscapes? On it we asked Bara Coat of Faculty of Social Sciences, we caught shortly before leaving for Denmark.

** Are you going to Denmark, Aarhus. Why did you decide to just this location? **

I recommended that two former classmates who studied in Aarhus and one semester of school were not only enthusiastic, but also the place itself.

** When you first started to think about whether we're going somewhere? **

I always wanted to travel, explore new places, people and also to improve your language skills. About Erasmus I wondered for a long time, probably since the first year of the Bachelor's degree, but I'm still not decided where to go.

** How would you assess their linguistic knowledge? Was it during the admission procedure laid great emphasis? **

Certainly I have always something to improve. Dorozumím and I think I'll also lectures in painting, but about a minute I will „fight“ with the expression, especially in terms of vocabulary – words as they normally need to use in cooking, but in English is all I know. Admission control in our entire faculty is in a language chosen by the school teaches, so definitely check whether applicants are sufficient language skills.

** When they had to submit applications for the summer semester and for how long after the admission took place? **

I had a bit more complicated. Originally I wanted it to Aarhus for the winter semester, but admission round at our faculty, I ended up as an alternate. One of the nominated students resigned to my happiness, but unfortunately it was a time when the applications were for the winter semester in Aarhus serve, so I had to wait almost half a year to another date, this time for the summer semester. That was 15 October. Admissions deadline for the summer semester at our school I have somehow did not register because I was chosen since the end of March.

** How much was admission rounds and what was its content? **

Only one. My admission is mainly concerned motivation and reasons why I chose the chosen school, but I heard that sometimes quiz on general facts about the place where the student decided to study.

** I felt hard to control? She trusted you after that you're the ones who will go? **

Difficult or not come to me, but I'm sure if I choose, not because I am studying media studies and in Aarhus, I wanted to go to study photojournalism. As I said, I was originally a substitute.

** When you learned that he really going, what you have to arrange? **

I had to set up a euro account at Commercial Bank, where I will go a scholarship. Once I got a new bank account number, filled him in online applications. Then I just waited for the International Office (OZS) arrives at Charles Dean's decision to award scholarships and when I find an email that I have in the office ready agreement on the amount of scholarships. It was enough to carry the documents from the CFC to the office and sign a contract.

** It was hard to find accommodation? I offered him the school itself? **

Accommodation offered me a school. Most offer housing on campus, but in terms of photojournalists (as there are around eight), are usually housed in four apartment, where everyone has their room. So I like to take this offer, just because I live with three roommates from different corners of the world.

** Využíváš in their preparations for the travel experiences of other students who have completed an internship abroad, or all zařizuješ „on your own?“ **

Certainly I will give advice to those who study abroad are already behind, and especially those who studied at the same school where I'm going now.

** You already ran on some issue or „additional costs“, with which you originally did not expect? **


** You have an estimate of how much you your stay will cost in total? **

Given the experiences of these two former classmates, which recently studied Aarhus, and I estimate it certainly exceeds the scholarship that my school to study abroad will contribute. This covers accommodation for half a year and a most basic needs. I'll still need some extra money with it, I counted from the beginning when I was selected.

** The school admits any tests or credits that you get the internship? **

Before submitting your application to the selected foreign school, I had to fill out curriculum, where I stated objects of the school in Aarhus and corresponding courses at our faculty with the number of credits. Form I then had to approve the guarantee program. As I passed all these subjects, so I think my arrival home, after school grants.

** What are you looking forward to most? **

The new environment, especially at school and new classmates.

** Are you afraid of something contrary? **

Perhaps the most scares me packing, I forgot something substantial or so. But still, that I'm going to Denmark by car, I can take almost anything. If I flew by plane, so I certainly know now I would weight limit for luggage at the airport exceeded.

** What would you advise those who only think about an internship? **

Certainly it wants to properly think about which school to choose. Probably the best advice is to give to friends, classmates.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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