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Five questions for ... Petr Nikl Added:18.2. 2010
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Five questions for ... Petr Nikl

If we tried to imagine Peter Nikl detailed list of occupations and activities, which are dealt with, certainly, we forgotten something. In short, however, can say that Peter Nikl feeds his imagination and creativity is bottomless. In his studies for a period he remembers as „incredible and bubbling enthusiasm,“ which is to be lived as intensely.

Petr Nikl (born 1960) is known as a writer of fairy tales (not only) for children, but also as a painter and graphic designer, artist, musician, dancer, photographer and theater. Visibility, inter alia, for his work in the now non-existent group Stubborn art and other artistic formations. In 1993 and subsequently in 1995 for his work won the prestigious Henry Award Chalupecký, in 2008 it added the Magnesia Litera award in the category „Book of the Year“ and „a book for children and youth“.

** What college did you study and why you chose for her then? **

I studied Fine Arts between 1981 – 1987, I got it second time around. She was the only school involved in our so-called free art, a limited view of the former official understanding of this significance. I studied painting at the studio of Ernest Paderlík. I come from an artistic family. My mother was a toy designer, father, painter, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in the fifties in the painting studio Miloslav Holy. Another important cultural attraction of Prague itself was, of course, I came from Zlin, and from the beginning I wondered also about other forms of expression, I watched a theater and music.

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3250/Ni­kl.jpg * *]

/ / Peter Nickel is literally well kreativismu versatile: in addition to painting and music dedicated to photography, theater and popular writing ‚linguistic‘ fairy tales (photo: archive Petr Nikl). / /

** What you could study at a university in terms of your current profession? **

It was a part, but most importantly, my finding and verification. Necessary feedback and influence, however, came not from that time professors, but from the mutual generation hatchery. Like his mentor, someone who I approached holistically, theater mention Ivan jumped up on a writing seminar I attended a non-binding. Questions fine crafts gave me no Secondary School in Uherske Hradiste, I needed more personal orientation – the ability to properly ask questions and above all to lead them to dialogue. This can be drawn from anywhere, if you luck on the fateful meeting. Professors at the Academy, with few exceptions, what was to be a professor at Cepelak graphics, mostly just cloning their views and narrow views, which of course is a disease and many of today's studios. It has its own logic, it is usual pedagogical paradox. I must say that I admire all teachers, I'm learning all offers rejected, I would handle it.

** If you had to choose again today, what you studied and where? For example, you elect to study abroad? **

I do not know, this is the fatal question, if I was someone else, or not. Certainly, every stay a wonderful experience abroad. I did not study at all if at any school, I would not be a tragedy if I studied it myself. I admire the creation of many a self-taught, teaching netrpících imitative schemes, which are badly deprived. They are incredibly free. On the other hand, competitively predatory environment of schools needed and otherwise stimulating, if the Security products they design and game performance and results. If you take my process of the formation that I have the opportunity to perceive the other, it becomes a school for me, wonderful inventive environment.

** What do you mind when someone asks for your „student life“? **

It is the time between the twentieth and thirtieth year of life. Unbelievable and bubbling enthusiasm. Most of the embryonic period draws for the rest of life. It is therefore necessary to experience what it most intensely.

** What would you say to or advise those who wish to report on the field that you have studied or are considering similar professional career? **

To give happiness to people, but also believed that his direction and yet kept apart at a distance. Any influence is two-edged weapon. They must learn to handle it. This one actually learns. Find a theme, taste and inner need to express themselves. Constantly ask if I can not comment otherwise. Technique can always learn. It may therefore be important to replace more studios, but these are subjective way. We all have different, and it is good, otherwise it would be boring.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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