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Studying at university can be at any age Added:22.2. 2010
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Studying at university can be at any age

University gates are truly open to all interested parties. Evidence of this let him be the third age university programs focusing on personal interests of seniors. Those not only provide education at university level, but also a superstructure in the form of new contacts, meetings and experiences.

** What is the course of study? ** University of the Third Age are realized in the framework of lifelong learning programs of colleges. High schools provide students-seniors the opportunity to acquire new knowledge in science, culture, history and other disciplines. Teaching on campus is accompanied by her professors, associate professors, lecturers and other practitioners. Individual courses and lectures are aimed both to familiarize students with the latest in the world today – especially in the fields of science and technology and on very specialized topics of humanities, social, natural and technical sciences. On what specific courses you will encounter in university offers? For example, the language most often focused on a variety of English proficiency, but also in German or French. In the field of technology is possible to take courses in computer skills, digital photography and video, but also to physics and civil engineering. Natural programs offer knowledge of plants, animals, conservation, mineralogy, mycology, horticulture and micro. We also offer medical courses and courses focused on human health. The social sciences can pursue economics or law. Universities do not forget the sports activities. Finally, it is possible to delve into the art, and in drawings, paintings, graphic art and art history also. Complete list of study programs and courses, visit the „“:…my/index.php.

Zdrooj:, Computer literacy course at the CUA, 2007

** The conditions of study and his organization ** Admission is limited only completed secondary education with GCSE (exceptions are possible) and reaching a certain age (50 or 60 years, the limit for a retirement income – varies according to the particular school). Is also limited capacity. Courses are usually issuing and logging into them in early spring. Admitted students pay registration fees ranging from 100 to 600 CZK per year or semester of study. Teaching is organized through lectures, seminars, exercises and excursions, usually once or several times a week or 14 days. Boundary is determined percentage of participation in teaching to the successful completion of studies. The result is, while obtaining a degree or professional qualification, however, graduation and a certificate of graduation from a university audience misses.

** List of Universities of the Third Age **

** And how it sees the students themselves? ** „University of the Third Age, I began to study the environmental declaration, in the seventy-six years. He approached me care program and its human health at the Faculty of Health and Social University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice, excited me lectures on medical subjects, philosophy, psychology and sociology. I studied diligently and with full seriousness. I read more than seventy books from various disciplines, has developed a number of seminar papers and opinions on many social issues. First of all, but I proved to myself that I still have enough life potential and will, I managed to study with honor .(…) Studies University of the Third Age with the program SoLiLL (Self-Organised Learning in Later Life, 2000–2002) fulfilled our expectations . We added a "life to the years“, enriched us with new knowledge and experience, offered new contacts and to enable virtual meetings with interesting people. „(Miroslav Kohout, taken from the“ website of the Association of Universities of the Third Age ": http://au3v.vutbr .cz / zpravy.php)

Source: „Association of Universities of the Third Age“:, „“:, web pages of individual universities.

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