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Without the entrance to the school: easy come, easy go? Added:20.2. 2010
Updated:14.10. 2011
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Without the entrance to the school: easy come, easy go?

During the last year of high school students, they must catch a lot – to prepare for graduation, organizing various events associated with it, take his driver's license, to decide whether and how to continue their studies. Not surprisingly, the specter of admission to college without the entrance is a welcome relief busy calendar. But it can avoid přijímačkám really win?

** YES – for active students **

Collect if the students' interest and hard work geared to dream field at the entrance and during the study, then they can provide a good foundation on which to build further knowledge and future potential advantage over classmates. Students who are clear about their future, they can be used with a calm heart breaks that different fields of study offered by our candidates. Most entrance exams are waived for:

** • ** mean excellent study

That is the case for most medical faculties in the Czech Republic. Neither the Medical Faculty of Palacky University is no exception. Dean of the Faculty every year by the conditions under which it is possible students of General Medicine and Dentistry accepted without entrance examinations. In principle, it is important for studying the current average of less than 1.2, then passing the profile of teaching the three subjects (in this case, the physics, chemistry and biology of at least one year during the last two years of study) and remission of less than one mark 2nd To be admitted students to its average grade, the graduate of a school year, which is seeking admission. Students who began their university studies at another school and decided that they wanted to go to medical school, has his right to exercise the average degree of secondary decay.

** • participation in the Olympics and other extracurricular activities **

Activity outside school can be measured at the entrance exceptional scores equal to or waivers of entrance examinations. This concerns mainly high school competitions (Olympics) and other professional activities (SOC). The Charles University's Fa­culty of Science and practice, which ranks its students to take correspondence and successful investigator seminars, organized.

** • successfully mastered the graduation exam in the subject **

The last option is to adopt it by passing the required GCSE course. It offers the example of Business and Economics Faculty of the Mendel University. Baccalaureate in Mathematics and Science to mark the worst three can open the door to the systems engineering and computer science, graduated in mathematics and physics to study Engineering Science. The question is whether or not to wait for GCSE results too much risk. What if the student will be allotted the wrong question?

** NO – for lazy students **

Some speculators give form to „any school, but by golly do not want to be there entrance exams“. But must be prepared for it, it is easy to get into trouble. There are many fields that are trying to give a chance to study as many candidates, but actually received them from schools even just a tiny percentage. The school is easy and no entrance exams is a real network and the first year of study and the first examination. But why then such a school „backstabbing“ in preparing students pathetic?

** • the unpopular Study **

Technically oriented courses are not happy lately not very popular, while the companies are technically trained people needed the salt. Lack of students at the school addresses just by deleting the entrance exams, the school may also attract those individuals who would inform the other circumstances not foreseen. Among the students against the wheel concern that the recruitment of people without having to prove their knowledge will not reduce the level of study. But of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, which abolished admission to all its undergraduate courses two years ago, on his website swear that the intensity of study is maintained. Those who can not handle a substance, simply expire. For faculty and means of recruiting candidates to study more confused and unhappy students in an introductory seminar and a higher „mortality“ in the first semester.

• ** This is a newly accredited study **

It may be that the study will receive accreditation from the Ministry of Education later, so the school could not give timely information to candidates about the admission procedure. To avoid the risk that eventually the newly accredited study no logs, Dean of School offers without the entrance. Usually such action is limited in time and capacity, so the studio will get you the most informed, so fast. It is therefore necessary to periodically monitor the sites of universities or other information servers.

So entrance exams are a necessary evil practiced by only reflecting excessive demand for students? Not quite. Able to avoid the study tests assumptions and general expectations of study is two-edged sword. After all, what else mentioned tests examined before eligibility to study at university? And not just the future college student to be able to cope with them? Also have a sense branch tests – ensure that the school really comes a person whose application is not just a temporary whim. There is no need for the difficult entrance exams to universities ohrnovat nose. What is the idea a few years spent at school, in which you troubled just because you do not want a long time ago and already the entrance exams do not want to eject? So it is not worth the swallow laziness and choose a school according to the field and not the type of the entrance?

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