Physical Correspondence Seminary Added:24.2. 2010
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Physical Correspondence Seminary

Natural focus of high school students can test their strength on the role of physics in the project FYKOS ** ** or ** Physical Correspondence Seminary **.

The seminar series consisting of six tasks to which they are investigators about a month. The solution is sent to the Charles University, where repair and pedagové college students. On some of the best researchers in each category (they are divided by year of graduation) are waiting valuable and interesting prizes. Successful solvers will also meet at various events FYKOS, such as spring and fall camp or excursion.

Seminar organized by students and staff of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague. It is not merely lessons for future studies at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, but a means to development thinking in general. As organizers write on their pages – a man who knows how to think about problems and feel a desire to discover a solution is applied everywhere, where you value the ability of the human brain.

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