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Studies in Bratislava: "It is a compromise between home and abroad" Added:25.2. 2010
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Studies in Bratislava: "It is a compromise between home and abroad"

In a further continuation of our Czech and Slovak special we bring you an interview with a student of Religious Studies, Miroslav Vrzal (28), who auditioned six-month stay in Bratislava. What is the study of the Slovak Republic is different from that which we know and has no meaning in it run?

** Miro, readers can bring what you have just studied the Slovak Republic? **

I was in Bratislava jednosemestrálním CEEPUS stay through the program in autumn 2007. There I studied religious studies at the Philosophical Faculty of Comenius University.

** Why did you decide just to Bratislava? **

I am specifically in Bratislava to get some data to the thesis, which was the main reason and motivation for my decision. The fact that the Slovak Republic's talking about a similar speech, I took in this regard as an advantage. It's actually a compromise between ride somewhere, but still feel as abroad.

** Did you feel like you're on a foreign study trip, or you feel more „at home“? **

Actually, I did not quite like a stay abroad. More like a Czech-Slovak best man. Several people, teachers and students there, I already knew from various conferences and other joint activities. Religions Brno and Bratislava Total friends. I think it is fine to develop mutual ties and to create our „international“ cooperation.

** What was the approach of teachers and classmates to you? **

Access to both teachers and students, was helpful and friendly. There's nothing to complain.

** I met you there any other Czech or foreign students? **

There was still one month to my classmate from Brno. Otherwise, the college, I was among the foreign students, but with them I was not too much in contact, except for my roommate's Serb, who spoke Slovak as well. So I have all my stay abroad, managed with Czech.

** How can Slovakia attractive? **

Slovakia can be attractive for the Czechs that just may feel a sense at home. Similar thing here is much more than different, which for practical side of learning and life is clearly a plus.

** You might have to hand in their work and present in Czech? **

That was no problem. The work I guess I had to write one article and that it was in Czech, I think no sleep.

** Do you have a fun event to Slovak? **

Directly Slovak, not even then not. Rather, I was really excited that my surname, Vrzal, the Slovak Republic has a deeper meaning. When checking attendance at lectures, always when it came to my last series, so much of my classmates laughed Slovak. Of which, in my last sensed a certain ambiguity.

** What about student life in Bratislava? **

As for sports, and in Bratislava there are several clubs and pubs of the original. Student life here is definitely, and I passed several „pařeb“ the Slovak spolužactvem where we have passionate and profound debate about the meaning of religious studies. The top of my student living, however, was about religionistic cottage somewhere deep in the south of Slovakia, where I invited my classmates Slovak. The area was a quaint guest house and we had rented the whole was very cozy. The desire to know a distant county, and local meadows and groves, I eventually lost in the deep forest in the style of Blair Witch. I could not get out of him several hours to get back into town, because the forest and the city was a high fence, which I found interesting, but for me at the moment, impractical, plus residents of the fence I did not understand. I thought to get the city and end up like in that movie zahynuvší in the wild, but in the end, everything turned well and I returned back to base the practice of student life at its most enjoyable aspects.

** Do you think Czechs are somehow different from their Slovak brothers? **

Hard to say some general judgments about what makes us different. What struck me the idea, so I registered the Slovak Republic as a topic of frequent debate about the relationship between Slovaks and Hungarians. There is probably a little differently designed „national identity“, or so I'd call it. Respectively in this regard, the signification of factors other than us. Otherwise, against the Czechs, I noticed some negative attitudes, rather the opposite.

** Do you see a difference in school systems? **

That much I can not judge. In addition, we have indices (the MU index exists, note. Ed.), Where signs were recorded, the differences are still some around, but somehow I nepochytil significantly. I'd be there longer, I was able to better respond.

** How would you assess your time back? **

In addition to establishing new contacts I would appreciate the camaraderie that I got here, and I enjoy today. Regarding the contribution of the study, I would say that some items I really gave something (eg predkolumbovskej American Religion and religious confrontation in Jerusalem), some were more for me repeat what I already knew. Overall, it definitely appreciate a good experience.

** Anything else you'd like to add? **

Hello Kapor – Department of Comparative Religion University in Bratislava!

** Thank you for your time! **

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