The Special Field: Japanese study Added:5.3. 2010
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The Special Field: Japanese study

Japanese language difficulty scale is king. However, potential candidates should not be deterred: the lotus flower brings patience and reward, they may be in addition to understanding the fascinating world of Land of the Rising Sun and competitive advantage of knowledge of one of the toughest living languages.

Someone cast a spell on the Japanese anime series, one could see a Japanese minimalism, another may be fascinated by the perfect Japanese technology. Japan is a world far removed from the fact that we know from everyday life. Who longs to break into it, can try it studying at college. Ticket to the world of sticky rice and neat pagoda offers in the Czech Republic, Charles University, Palacky and Masaryk University.

Contents === === studies and articles In addition to courses aimed at mastering the Japanese language, students also learn the identity of Japan – the Japanese art, religion, social customs and history. Then passes through objects such as interpretation of the Japanese language and writing, courses náslechovými pronunciation, reading Japanese text and Japanese conversation. The second coin of study are lectures on Japanese cinema, poetry, theater and Japanese Buddhism.


The course consists of seminars with limited capacity. The study of Japanese scenes by the form of lectures are open to students from other disciplines, the language seminars are held in tight groups, so that they can practice as far as possible full of knowledge. Weekly check knowledge tests are no exception.

Study of what people recommend?

Japanese students agree that the pattern of doing nothing during the semester and follow several days of testing the full marathon sleepless nights without sleep does not lead to success. „Learning Japanese, I would recommend to people who are able and willing to sacrifice quality for slacking and teaching course for people interested in languages, East Asian or even Japan,“ advises Charles Viktorin Brno student. And how the students characterized their teachers? „In the past, candidates were mainly interested in working for a Japanese company, seen as a great perspective,“ says Ivona Baresova, which operates at Palacky University in Olomouc. "Today is dominated by students who are interested in anything Japanese: Japanese anime, manga, a combat sport, literature or calligraphy. Some even come with the fact that for several years studying Japanese. Therefore we have from last year, two courses of structural mechanics is trying to copy these interests, both Japanese and Japanese philology of economic practice, "he adds.

. <> * *** Students in the study through courses such as the interpretation of the Japanese language and writing, reading Japanese text, Japanese conversation and many others (photo: stock.xchng) *

It should be a brilliant talent for the Japanese language?

Some talent is needed, but more importantly the will to practice and keep practicing. Confirmed that David Labus, Charles University: „The study is expected in our own thinking, more rational and enduring than being fired, because they tend to store more fuel than any zapálenci, and are easier to work with them, or discussion. Language is a gift sure to benefit, and it is also necessary, but I do not know whether to talk about the musical genius. “

Admission test === === Only Charles University offers a study of Japanese as a discipline. Applicants go through a test of Japanese life and culture (language and literature, history, modern and contemporary society, art, thinking) and Czech Japanese relations will have to demonstrate proficiency in two syllabic alphabets – hiragana, katakana (the transcription of each word). Moreover, using the grammar test examines the English language, second foreign language chosen to demonstrate the student's language skills. The last component of the test is a short essay on an assigned topic. Brno, where the youngest of work requires a mastery of Tests of study skills and subject test, which last year's version can be viewed ‚here‘:…ni/2010-2011 / obor_test_JA09­.doc. The Olomouc is made each year about half of applicants. Since this is a two-field study, it is necessary that the student is accepted into both fields on the combination of voices. The adoption of Japanese or Japanese philology practice for economic decision problem ost National comparative trials.

Graduates === === Controlling Japanese students may apply, like other linguistic talents – such as interpreters, translators and consultants in companies focused on the Asian market. „The study provides knowledge of Japanese language, which most people nevládne CR and thus competitive advantage and a good job, albeit the largest influx of Japanese investments into the Czech Republic and the associated demand for those hovočících Japan is probably behind us,“ as she wrote Mrs. Barešová in the text. „In addition to significantly expand its own cultural horizon, and begins to understand his own culture in a broader context,“ Labus added. Just getting to know a completely different culture than the West, is one of the greatest benefits of learning Japanese and their reality, to conform to the teachers and students.

Student opinions === === The satisfaction with the Japanese study, we asked Brno sophomore John Fousek. Why not put on the study and chose to have it again? „I wanted to learn another language and that non-European, Japanese, I chose because of the phonetic system, which is very close to ours,“ Fousek opovídá. „I would recommend more study of patient sitzfleisch type people,“ he smiles, „but overall, I enjoy learning and if it man, even the master's level, offering him the opportunity to me a very interesting job.“ His colleague, Charles Viktorin is also satisfied: „Japanese is a beautiful language, and certainly I like it to appear.“


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