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In summer, the University of sleep. They hold summer school Added:1.3. 2010
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In summer, the University of sleep. They hold summer school

Summer holidays, although still quite far, but plans to use the sunny free time you can spin today. If you also intend to enrich the summer months, new developments, preferably somewhere abroad, with pocvičit also their language skills, attentive. Summer school of foreign universities currently offer this option.

** Why go to summer school? ** Summer School provides an ideal solution if you want to go abroad to study, but for some reason you are not fit to spend a semester away from home or even more time. Stays at the Universities of summer courses to take up a few weeks. Over payment of summer school as well as many nezapláče your wallet. The amount of fee varies from about 300 of approximately 1000 per individual according to the summer school course and the university. Often you can also try to apply for a grant or scholarship, either at your home school, the school at which you aim at, or a foundation.

** What do you bring it home? ** For summer study at universities is typically internationalism, the mingling of students from different nations. This will get the opportunity to establish new contacts with new people and at least partially insight into other cultures. On these courses you can also often get valuable credits for your home study, it is worth about the possibility to inform both the organizers of the course, so the study maternity department faculty. In addition to studying the holiday can make adequate picture of the education system in foreign destinations which you may later serve in the decision to undergo a longer study period. The benefits of language skills is perhaps needless to mention. Most, of course, speak English, but are frequently requested and other world languages ​​like French, Spanish and German.

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possibilities how to spend the summer there are many. The study is one of them (photo: stock.xchng)

** What can I study? ** The university offers courses for the summer tour of duty can be found in almost every field drop. Whether you are interested in arts, social sciences, law, economics, science or languages, you should always come to her. Of course it is not possible in the short and very intensive course covering all issues such as legal systems or pieces of art for all ages. Odds are, therefore, always focus on specific topics. For example, the legal course will focus solely on the artistic and commercial law such as the introduction to European cinema. Many courses also focus on culture and language of the organizing country, where the issues plaguing the region. Such courses are then mainly be that you are in an environment that is directly linked to teaching and developing it to be authentic impressions and experiences from real life.

** What are the options? ** For inspiration, here are some concrete chunks summer school this year. Certainly the following list is not exhaustive, the site of some other foreign universities will certainly find many other interesting courses. As far as deadlines for application vary according to the organizing university. Somewhere, log back in March, in other deadline set up for June.

North American European Summer Academy Schloss Hofen (Austria, Schloss Hofen) – Relations between Europe and North America, from 26 July 7th August 2010, English

Summer University of the Black Sea (Bulgaria, Varna) – Status of the Black Sea area in an enlarged Europe of 11 to 17 August 2010, French and English

Summer University of Turkey (Turkey, Istanbul) – Relations between Turkey and the EU: the Lisbon Convention and its background, from 18 July 5th August 2010, English

Summer University of Slovakia (Bratislava, Slovakia) – Nuclear energy in Central Europe, from 12 to 18 July 2010, French and English

Summer University of Romania / Bulgaria (Romania – Slobozia, Bulgaria – Silistra) – Europe as an open community: the accession of Romania and Bulgaria, from 25 31 July 2010, French

Summer University of Croatia (Croatia) – Meeting of EU environmental and climate change, the first week in July 2010, French

  • Middlesex University Summer School:…l/index.aspx: organizes several courses for each of the fields of arts, business, computers, education, film, languages , right, personal development, political science, psychology, social sciences, sports, creative writing, various dates, duration and amount of fees
  • "Summer School Utrecht – Universiteit Utrecht ':…: also more courses in the areas of culture and society, art and design, languages, social sciences, law and economics, natural sciences, human health and the vet; courses are directly evaluated in ECTS credits, and have varying durations and different terms of financial performance
  • Tallinn Summer School – University of Tallinn ": Offer includes 23 courses taking place between 12 and 30 July 2010, the odds appear such as ecotourism, lifestyle, digital photography, Labour and Social Policy in Estonia, Creative Psychotherapy, New Media and Innovative Management, Finnish language, Estonian language and philosophy of the World
  • Univesita di Bologna ":…/default.htm: it is possible to choose from courses on agriculture, architecture, languages, rights , sports, chemistry, engineering, pharmacy and Politics

Source: „Nonetheless“:…i-skoly-2009, web sites of universities

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