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Evening schools as a way to graduation and the high Added:3.3. 2010
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Evening schools as a way to graduation and the high

If you always when you say „night school“, imagine a round grizzled fellow students with an imaginary Humpolec aluminum from the leader, who is fiercely trying to catch up with their knowledge in classrooms, then you are very close to what this type of study represents. It's not nearly all.

What is the evening school

Evening school may not be how many would be after seeing the movie Marecek, Pass Me the Pen! would seem intended only for „older and more advanced,“ but of course, is open to people much younger. The concept of night school or evening classes, however, to some extent a bit vague. It may hide under it had any evening classes leading to a state recognized certificate (usually secondary or vocational certificate), as well as something that should simply be called a classic education or preparatory course, which takes place in the evening.

The road to graduation as well as apprenticeship

Evening study firstly presents a convenient way to get a high school diploma or apprenticeship and at the same time it can work. If you already have a student apprenticeship, just pass the extension study. The evening is usually a form of a year longer than traditional full-time study, ie obyvkle lasts three years. If the evening studying secondary field (either graduation or not) are applying the elementary school, count to four, but often up to five years of study. Evening classes provide more vocational schools and schools, but it also provides some high school. Such, however, is scarce.

Evening Study and its demands

Difficulty way of evening studies is quite clear: even if the instruction takes place only several times a week, ability to concentrate and perform duties, which requires every full-time, decreases with increasing time of day, fatigue after work shift, but with age student. A major role is played and how long time has elapsed since the last study, or how much one is able to combine study with work schedule and often have family and life. Classes are usually three days a week in the afternoon and evening, a total of about 10 to 18 hours a week (always depends on the type of school and the current schedule). This is not always necessary to add that even some homework for other classes and also learning going on and final tests.

Evening School: Preparing to study as well as occupations

Besides the „classical“ evening schools can choose from offer those that are designed more like courses. These are not accredited as a fixed part of the Czech education system, ie after their graduation will not receive any official degree or certificate. Otherwise, the evening school but conceived in this sense, maintaining all the advantages of training courses – lessons are usually held in small groups, is closely focused on a particular course of education or specific activities, beginning sometimes several times a year (often only one semester), and graduates have obyvkle addition to the necessary knowledge and skills will also get a certificate of course completion. Evening schools usually organize their own companies, whose aim is to educate your future or existing employees to the extent to suit the conditions, given that the profession requires. Organizers, however, and various civic associations and commercial training institutes and agencies, often with their own schools. They offer courses especially designed to prepare students for graduation, „entrance exam“:…em/index.php?… or to study at university – it is a sort of evening alternative ' foundation years „:…em/index.php?… or“ preparatory courses ":…em/index.php?… = 2594th

Who is an evening school designed

Evening school can attend virtually anyone who for some reason it needs to complete his education – perhaps because it requires the employer, or that he wants to raise credit on the labor market. Evening-time study – like the remote – especially suitable for those who need to earn it. But there are those who want the help of evening education only take full advantage of their free time. And since these individual motivation to study also depends on track „evening“ students: among them as employees or entrepreneurs from various fields, as well as college students or those who are in college only wish to report. The exceptions are not necessary or mothers on maternity leave, housewives or people approaching retirement, or even in retirement.

Examples === schools

As mentioned, in addition to high school fields, organized in schools and colleges can be found in evening schools also offer those that prepare students for higher studies of specific industries. We can find such courses in law, architecture, psychology, business management, public relations, etc. There are also courses in „cross“, which students may come from different fields of activity – such schools are needed for recruiters and HR staff or school-oriented to handle management positions. Generally, however, be said that their offer is not to be compared with the zero years of post secondary studies and so wide. Another group of evening schools are then a „hobby course“ for employees and students, such as computer literacy courses, photography or art, language teaching or „delicatessen“ in the form of courses smaltéřství or cooking.

=== How much does it cost

Amount for evening courses ending GCSE or vocational certificate in particular in the private schools can reach up to several tens of thousands of crowns for the whole study. This sum, however, outweigh the many advantages that tend to study at private schools connected (in most learning materials are free, a limited number of students in a group, individual approach, etc.).. Also, prices of other types of courses, as we described above, often move in tisícových items per semester.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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