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"It's unusual, not impossible," says Dean of the Faculty of Technical Added:27.2. 2010
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"It's unusual, not impossible," says Dean of the Faculty of Technical

How do they feel just elected a woman to lead the technical colleges? What future plans have? Professor Jarmila Old Man, a new Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Brno University of Technology, will present the following interview.

** What were your feelings immediately after the election of Dean? **

I admit that it was a surprise for me, to gain such confidence. At the same time it's a big responsibility and commitment to the future, because we all know that time is not exactly the lightest, but that support is significant and it means a lot to me.

** How much time you stood preparing candidacy and why you have this call actually went? **

I was invited by their colleagues. I did not expect at the Faculty of Electrical woman could hold this important position, but if the trust was so glad I went into it. Candidacy, of course, I prepared, it was necessary to consider and discuss many things. It is hard to estimate the time, how long the training lasted, because in parallel with the need to ensure common issues are related both to study and also to study the activities of Vice-Dean, so it was not possible to separate this preparation. But all the free moments I gave it, so I thought about other activities and future plans.

** And what do you say that you're the first woman to head the Faculty of Electrical Engineering? Are you afraid of? **

If I gained the confidence and support, so in that I do not see a big difference. Certainly I have other skills and qualities for the job than men, but I do not think they are inferior or wrong. In this role, I'm not the only dean of technical fields. In Prague on building faculty and dean of faculty at the neighboring business's year in office Mrs. Anna Putnová. I would rather say it's unusual than impossible. But I am not afraid of it and I believe that the team will all work well. In itself, this man can not do much, but this much I rely on the fact that each team will perform what is necessary, within its competence.

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** What Your election will mean for students? We all know that the students are always very friendly .**

I've stated on many forums, I am very glad that today is excellent cooperation with the students. Implement the activities here to help not only the leadership of the faculty, but also integrates or organized by students and give them the opportunity to engage into non-study activities, like sports or social. I believe that we will continue in this spirit continues, cooperation will develop and will help us visualize the faculty candidates for study.

** You celebrated your election somehow? **

I admit that so far it was not much space, but rather only symbolically with his colleagues because he still catching up activities that need to complete. The big celebration I have not been implemented. Of course we celebrated within the family.

** How do you evaluate the work of his predecessor? Are you going to continue in the same direction, or make some changes? **

I do not work and the current activities of Mr. Dean really appreciate. For the faculty had a significant and crucial contribution. He helped set up rules such as to allow development in all workplaces and I in no way from that direction did not want to navigate somewhere else. I'll be very glad if I can maintain this trend. No major changes planned. Only, if they so requested by any situation caused by external entities.

** Thank you for the interview .**

Author: Susan Moldříková The text is based on press reports of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication BUT.

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