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"Failure Think of it as an interesting experience," says Associate graduation Added:8.3. 2010
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"Failure Think of it as an interesting experience," says Associate graduation

In continuation of our series introducing graduates Year Mgr. Margaret Hanus, who teaches at the school the Czech language and literature and art. It also participates in the creation of worksheets to a new form of school-leaving examination. What do you think about the state maturitách? And the strategy recommended for learning and test themselves? Read …

** This year's graduation will definitely not be the first in which you present. Are you looking forward or are you also for the more nerves? **

It will be after eight years of the second, in which I will present (maternity leave, note. Ed.). I'm always interested in how individual students stand in a situation in which they are expected to peak. Performance of each card as I see our work in hours and their relation to the subject and perhaps to me as a teacher.

** Let's go to a topic about which students most interested in: adequate preparation for trial. What do you recommend most of this year's graduates with their graduation? **

Given that this year's graduates as the first state awaiting graduation, they should be especially familiar with her new look. For example, examination of the Czech language and literature now has a higher and lower level of three parts: didactic test, written work and oral exam. Perhaps students are lucky to enlightened cantors who responded early to the requirements for the matriculation examination and to adapt their teaching style. Students themselves can then test the illustrative examples and worksheets to enter examples of written work to verify that they are well prepared. (Look for the „Nová“ http://www.

** What do your graduates experience the most underestimated? What would you do differently? **

At the oral examination, I found myself many times students are not aware of that context. They have trouble to connect isolated evidence, apply knowledge from related disciplines and from personal experience. Convince naming list. The „sweatbands“ use time as efficiently as possible, note the points in the main thematic areas, key names and concepts in their own interpretation and do not be afraid to look at his notes. (Not, however, is read from top to bottom.)

** What do you think the level of work styles, so-called written GCSE? **

Different. So far, students had to draw up a written school-leaving examination four hours of actual time, ie more than they were accustomed style of hours. And if that day is not met some extraordinary circumstance burdensome, the results match what I have from each of them expected. But if you ask for it, whether over the years I have noticed a distinct change in level, either in terms of ideas, stylistic or spelling that to suggest that it is a stylistic and therefore works with our students for the worse or better, no.

** Do you think that success at GCSE will depend on how you presented during your studies? Can not conduct tests to evaluate objectively, respectively, regardless of prior experience? **

When our teachers are required to objectively evaluate the current performance, how the student is able to concentrate, cope with stage fright, with a greater number of listeners. In life awaits more similar situations. Like probably most, so I have no problem if different sign about two degrees. Worse is when the assessment moves considerably beyond expectations. Besides the new GCSE this dilemma partly cantors have been addressed, as they carried out evaluation according to centrally set methodology and often outside of school.

** Spolupracuješ to create state graduation from the Czech language. What do you think much has changed from the original final exams? How are you satisfied with the change? **

Specifically, we develop, within the education modernization project funded by the EU, worksheets for the needs of our school inspired by the requirements of the new school-leaving examinations. Graduation from the Czech language and literature, as I mentioned, now divided into three components. A novelty is centrally entered by didactic test of reading skills in addition to knowledge and disciplines of literary studies and linguistics. Also, written work will be entered centrally. A student will have a choice of ten topics, with input may take the form of text, but also a table, graph or diagram need. Written work will also take considerably less time. Personally I'm most satisfied with the oral form, because through two examples (from the artistic and neuměleckého text) and the related issues gives students a place to interpret texts based on their reading experience and knowledge of literary theory and history.

** What do you think is missing in the curriculum? You changed something fundamental in our schools? **

Today, the teacher is not bound by the given curriculum. He creates his own is a curriculum which is based on the curriculum of his school. It is therefore important to Žehra shortcomings in the curriculum, if I am the co-author and I to interfere with them. I wish our school teachers a decent salary. This change is waiting since socialism.

** As an art teacher and you lead graduating students of the subject, do you think it is „únikovka“, or rather underestimate students? **

From my own experience I must say that graduated from arts students generally underestimated and it is for them to escape from other objects. I'd rather see her as an optional test for the serious study of related college courses.

** How do you remember your high school diploma? **

She graduated I was in the mid-nineties to high school and I remember in particular two aspects, which are as Kantorek I can not quite compare. During the test, my associate in biology ear whispering answers to additional questions and vice versa dějepisářka motionless muscle, when I drew a question, we like making out in hours and skipped the seminar.

** Anything else you'd like to add? **

Wishing a successful exam students would like to assure you that such situations will be more and that they are accustomed. Any failure do not overestimate and take it as an interesting experience from which to draw and to learn more about yourself.

** Thank you for the interview! **

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