Compete with the Arts Festival 2010 Okultění Added:5.3. 2010
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Compete with the Arts Festival 2010 Okultění

The organizers of this Okultění that is already traditional event the Faculty of Arts students, have decided to make special time předfestivalový artistic competitions. Call on all students not only from the Faculty of Arts, „to his creations came out from under the bed, and drawers from the basement“ and engage in a battle for the prize Cult 2010th

The competition can log in any static art object, which in terms of materials, form or theme, the organizers do not put any limits to the competitors. Their goal is to encourage students in human creativity and ease. Deadline for submission of art works takes place ** 1 April 2010 **. ** From the 7th to 26 ** April 2010 will be presented at the premises of Faculty of Arts (Square Jan Palach Celetna 2 and 20), where the rate for all incoming and then vote for them on the website says. In addition to a public vote selects the winner but also the honor and the jury, as for the public to choose the three best works. All six authors will also win as a ticket to Prague Rag 2010, gifts from sponsors and statuettes Culto 2010 granted the opportunity to exhibit their work in the areas of student club K4.

Okultění itself, which is the first time this year turns into a kind of musical-theater-arts festival, held on the 27th ** ** April 2010 at the premises of the Court in Celetná street 20, Prague 1, and in the adjacent club K4. It is also a professional jury will announce the winner.

Okultění fall under the traditional program of accompanying events rag. Organized by the civic association „Culto – The association of cultural issues“, which was established in April 2009 by students of Master's degree in cultural theory to practical application of knowledge and particularly the involvement of the wider public to the problem. Culto started its operations in the autumn of last year, organizing the first party to launch the new school year at Charles University. The future plans are in blocks of lectures on the dissemination of ideas of cultural relativism and informing the public about the uniqueness and diversity of world cultures and the need to accept the pluralism of modern societies in Europe.

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