Applicants for full-time study at universities and colleges over 30 years, is increasingly Added:5.3. 2010
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Applicants for full-time study at universities and colleges over 30 years, is increasingly

While in 1999 was among the candidates for long-distance form of study at university or college ** 24.7% ** over 30 years (that number will be entered ** 24% ** of all enrolled in the district – now combined – form of study) last year they had reported 38.7% ** ** (were registered ** 42.3% ** of total enrollment). According to data Institute for Information and Education, published in mid-February.

This trend, according to the same message more pronounced especially in the last four years. This is mainly the mandatory addition of qualifications for certain professions (eg nurses, teachers or police officers). Another reason is probably the current world trend of lifelong and continuing education.

** Tertiary education in numbers **

  • A study at tertiary level (college and university) in 2009 reported a total of 156,400 applicants who submitted a total of 345 600 entries (each candidate gave an average of 2.2 applications). The entrance examination was attended by only 93.4% of all registered (146 200), accepted applicants was 117,000, of which a total of 94.7% (110 800) to study the actual enrollment.
  • Total number of applicants to study in tertiary education compared to 2008/09 decreased by 360 (+0.2%), total number of received but rose by 2500, an increase of 2.2%.
  • The overall success rate of candidates for entrance examinations was 80.1%, with full-time study even 83.0%. More successful were candidates for full-time study at college (88.3%) compared with candidates for full-time students in master's (37.5%) and bachelor degree programs (80.6%).

** Colleges **

  • A study at the college in 2009 reported 146,600 applicants who submitted a total of 325,000 appli­cations. The entrance examinations attended 93.3% of applicants accepted were 105 600 (out of 75,300 in full-time education), of which a total of 99,800 applicants to study the actual enrollment (full-time education up to 70,700).
  • Applicants who graduated in 2009, gave a total of 61.0% of applications.
  • The vast majority of candidates are reported to public universities (91.5%). Private colleges have adopted a total of 15,000 applicants, of whom 13 900 to study enrollment.
  • Candidates with the most votes to the study of humanities and social sciences (28.9%), economic (28.8%), technical (22.4%) and teaching fields (19.7%).

** Colleges **

  • The higher professional schools in 2009 to study the reported total of 17,700 applicants who submitted 20,600 applica­tions. Of the total number of candidates sat for the entrance exams actually attended approximately 90% (16 000) received a total of 13 700 candidates (including 10 700 full-time education), of which a total of 11 600 to study the actual enrollment (full-time education to 8800).
  • Applicants who graduated in 2009, gave a total of 60.1% of applications.

The greatest interest manifested candidates for medical (23.6%), economic (22.1%) and teachers (21.9%) subjects.

  • Since 2003/04 declining number of applications, applicants, accepted and enrolled in higher vocational schools, while the most significant was the decline between 2003/04 and 2004/05. A slight increase in applicants, received and registered in the years 2007/08 and 2009/10. This increase was mainly due to increased interest in other forms of training, the daily forms of education was until last year marked decline. In 2009, the numbers have increased over the previous year (number of entries by 9.1%, 5.9% of entries, received by 9.1% and 8.5% registered).

/ / Note: The present data are based on the autumn collection of data on individual entries and received a higher technical schools and colleges of the Institute for Information on Education and the demographic data of the Czech Statistical Office. In the case of universities, all presented data relate only to applicants of Czech citizenship, who profess to study in Bachelor's and Master's programs (not the master's and doctoral). / /

Source: press release, „IIE“:

Author: Černá, Lucie

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