New website advises students to come out with finances Added:7.3. 2010
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New website advises students to come out with finances

The team of experts working under the „Individual project of the National Tertiary Education Reform“ (which is currently sponsored two projects – the tertiary education reform and reform of financial aid to students) launched the new website „: help-students. Through them he wants to help students better understand the world of finance. "Organizationally, the expert team included in the structure of the Ministry of Education, but its activity may independently develop opinions, and does not necessarily reflect the official position of the ministry,“ says the principal guarantor of the project specialist James Fisher. It is intended only for students but also for prospective students, parents, students and applicants to the study, experts and interested parties from academia, but they want to reach the journalistic community and the general public.

** What you will find on the Web ** The aim of the web is, in particular the authors provide an update on the upcoming reform of financial aid to university students. Therefore, the site offers various „analysis“:…enty/analyzy, „study“: financni-pomoc-studentum/cate­gory/sekce/do­kumenty/studie and „presentation“:…y/prezentace coinciding with the reforms, but also to be crucial information about the default document for the preparation of the reform of tertiary education in the Republic, called. „White Paper“:…i/bila-kniha, and. In addition, there but you can also find various „cells“:…sekce/clanky „conversations“: financni-pomoc-studentum/cate­gory/sekce/roz­hovory-citace, „calculator“:…pro-studenty or „consultative“ http://…adene-otazky for students, a survey of students ‚financial products‘:…m/studentske- Accounts-may not-be-cheaper-than-classical and other useful information. Particular attention is paid to have such information about how to „break the age limit of 26 years“:…t-u-studentu- High-school students at universities.

** Study without barriers ** Because the aim of their authors, in particular the removal of barriers to access to higher education, not only economic and social barriers, but also those faced by disabled students, is one of the sections and pages devoted to "The Forum of practitioners and students with disabilities their parents ":…ym-studentum. Further discussion and exchange of views on higher education reform is also on the social networking site Facebook, the most interesting ideas and questions that appear in the local communication will be regularly published on the website and just financial assistance to students.

Source: „“:…/o-strankach

Author: Černá, Lucie

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