Interest in studying at the University of Palacky breaks records Added:8.3. 2010
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Interest in studying at the University of Palacky breaks records

Over 32,000 applications already registered Palacky University in Olomouc (UP). Although it is still a continuous number is now clear that interest in the study will be the highest in the history of this school.

Most, precisely 9520, registered applications filed Arts. Fields opened the Faculty of Education has approached the 7887 candidates, although this number may change. „At the moment, namely the adoption of applications closed in the next three weeks, but we expect the opening of the newly accredited degree in Information Education with a focus on education – it is a two-field undergraduate studies in both full form,“ says Libuse Lysáková, head of department of the Faculty of Education UP . The imaginary third of the total eight, with 3865 Entries and Science placed just behind her, with just under three and a half thousand entries, Faculty of Law. Nearly two and a half thousand of them have submitted candidates for study at the Faculty of Law Study, which has become the most popular currently fields across the university.

The total number of entries to the UP, however, probably will increase as the St. Cyril and Methodius Theological Faculty is to report to the 31st ** March **. This term applies to the following fields:

  • Catholic Theology (Master's full-time study)
  • Humanities (full-time undergraduate study)
  • Social Education (full-and part-time undergraduate stu­dy)

Theological Science * (BA Combined Studies)

  • Religion is focusing on education and catechesis (BA Combined Studies)
  • International humanitarian and social work (Master's full-time)

As each year until the 30th ** April ** This faculty also accepting applications for Charity and social work and social and humanitarian work, in collaboration with Caritas-Voss Olomouc. For more information on the interest in studying at UP, visit the „site of the University“:…le/263/6748/.

Source: Press Release UP

Author: Černá, Lucie

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