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Conservatory: high school, college and hard work in one Added:12.3. 2010
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Conservatory: high school, college and hard work in one

Although Conservatory cause of considerable general public impression of exclusivity that these schools certainly deserve at primary school pupils or their parents raise more respect. Perhaps because the test itself or to study them are not exactly easy. Fortunately, however, low self-esteem does not affect everyone, and so today we can be on stage or in concert halls, seeing the true leaders in their field, who „raised“ just Conservatory …

=== What is a conservatory

Conservatories provide secondary education with GCSE or lower university degree completed graduation. We have a very long tradition (the roots of some of them date back to the early 19th century) and still retain a very high prestige. The specificity of these schools lies in their close profiling, as they focus mainly on training of students in the arts. As stated in the Education Act, which studies at the Conservatory has allocated a special section, "Education in the Conservatory develops knowledge, skills and other skills pupils have acquired in the basic and basic arts education provides general education and prepares students for demanding artistic or artistic-pedagogical and artistic activities in music, dance, singing and drama. Education in the conservatory creates preconditions for further personal and civic life, continuing education and preparation for work. " These main branches of education – ie dance, music, singing and drama, respectively. drama – then the individual schools usually further divided into narrower specialization (a play on a particular instrument, a specific type of dance lessons, etc.).

Organization Studies === === Studied at the Conservatory is usually six (eight fields of dance), and four (in the case of eight-year study after eight) years can pass the graduation exam. At some schools, this test is mandatory, only voluntary somewhere (instead of by a board consisting of the final exam in Czech language and literature and history of the field). The entire study is completed graduation and graduates are awarded the title DiS like graduates of vocational schools.

Tuition and accommodation === === „Index of schools“: Ministry currently registered in our conservatories 18, the vast majority of whom are funded organization (ie set up a government department or local governments such as counties or municipalities), less constituted as a school legal entity (which is the form most often used by church or private), limited liability company, then it is a public benefit corporation. The study is the most free in our conservatory, and many also provide extra accommodation (but often only to students under 18 years). It is of course no charge and usually offer it to students boarding homes and the local youth, with whom co Conservatory (own home just up the Youth Conservatory Czech Budejovice).

A wide range === === Conservatories offer in the Czech Republic is its fairly broad specificity, as well as their diversity. Each school is trying to maintain a good reputation and often try to distinguish something from others. For example, the Conservatory of Jaroslav Jezek, as stated on their website, only with us, that in their music-based programs focused on teaching jazz (in addition to popular music or classical) and other non-traditional forms of art. In contrast, Conservatory Opava Church continues the tradition of the Prague Organ School, and only here so you can study courses as a conservatoire play the organ, play the piano, singing solo or management staff. Brno Conservatory to turn great pride not only in the person of its founder, Leos Janacek, but the relatively wide range of industries and relatively high capacity, several of them. Some schools offer again be an opportunity to study in the combined form (such as the Conservatory of Pardubice, Teplice Conservatory, etc.) that is intended primarily for music school teachers who have complementary specialisms, but also for other interested parties. What, however, all schools boast about the most is the many famous names and world-renowned files in their history graduate. The success and reputation of the school, specific course of study, but perhaps just as well as school facilities and, if commuters and accommodation options should be among the main factors influencing the final choice of conservatory to which candidates they would like to eventually report.

=== Admission

The efforts of individual schools to maintain the good name must be logically associated with relatively high demands placed on candidates in the admission procedure. Maybe because in the eyes tend to have a conservatory for young people certain hallmark unreachable. The content of the tests vary with the particular school and the field of law, however, are always „talent“. Usually, they examine how general knowledge (for example, in musical disciplines to pursue knowledge of music theory, intonation, auditory conditions, sense of rhythm, etc.) and especially practical skills of candidates in the field. At some schools, applicants are accepted only on the basis of a single aptitude test, in others they are entrance examinations and contrast the two multi-round. Applications to the conservatory is usually served in autumn, the tests take place in January or early February (the law implies an obligation to inform applicants of acceptance or rejection by February 10, unsuccessful applicants so you can still catch to apply to high school). In February and March will take place any additional rounds.

=== Graduates

Graduates conservatories are most frequently found as professional artists in theater, music, singing and dance ensembles or as soloists, but can also act as educators and trainers, editors cultural or personal trainers. Very often, however, also apply to auxiliary positions in related fields of art, for example in the set design, costume design, choreography, management, production, etc. After graduating from the conservatory can be but so to supplement their education at a subsequent higher education or teaching art direction (in most AMU is, Academy of Music, JAMU, Academy of Performing Arts, teaching faculty, etc.). In order to study high school graduates, but must have done graduation exam.

Transfer to a conservatory – is it?

Although the general rule is that the study at the Conservatory is open to all who completed basic compulsory attendance is not very usual that the study reported on older students. The art is, just like the sport, the slogan „the sooner you start the better.“ Extremely talented or older applicants, however, according to data on its Web site receives, for example, City Dance Conservatory. Prague, on the basis of the successfully passed the aptitude tests and equivalency examinations. A similar exemption on their website confirms example, Dance Centre, Dance Conservatory Ivo Vana Psota-d. However, this option is open only very talented candidates.

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