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What is it like to be like the Erasmus Slovak in the Czech Republic? Added:10.3. 2010
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What is it like to be like the Erasmus Slovak in the Czech Republic?

Simon Mišunová (20) from Slovakia to the Czech Republic for education went not-so-traditional way. The Faculty of Social Studies at Masaryk University in Brno, went to study journalism in the program for mobility in higher education Erasmus. Her home university is the Catholic University in Ruzomberok. What are her experiences and observations after jednosemestrál­ním stay?

** Simon, You're in the CR studied under Erasmus. Tempted you rather distant homeland of the country, why you decided to go to CR? ** More distant landscapes are tempting and I thought about it, but zavážil fact that this was a Brno. Brno is my beloved city, in which the longing dwell for 11 years. I do not know why. Once we walked in and straining zaľúbila I was into it. And in addition to FFS MU was a lot of literature to my bachelor work.

** Have you ever wondered about the CR that you spent the whole time? ** I was at the vet for entrance in Brno, but failed me. But I'm thinking of Mgr. in journalism, I žeby it done either in Prague or Brno.

** What you have to arrange before departure? You should have some administrative or organizational problems, and everything is fine? ** That was a lot – an application, résumé, odporúčacie leaves to insure, various forms … Who wants to go on Erasmus let foresee papierovačkami. And not just before, but after returning home. Problems were little – but it created misunderstandings between the Coordinator of Technology and Ruzomberok. Some documents were missing, but it was quickly resolved.

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** We studied a lot of Slovaks. Have you ever noticed any animosity on the part of Czech students and teachers a different approach? ** No rancor. I had a great Práveže collective of which I need. Spolužiaci Brno helped me when I needed and I am still in contact with them, albeit via the Internet. And teachers did not have a different approach, earlier I had a feeling that they take hours to slovenščina as variegation.

** They took lessons in Slovak, or Czech you require somewhere? ** Married slovenščina with no problems, and I work to convey the Slovak. Sometimes the problem was in nejakom words that I did not understand anything, but it was enough to explain and it was.

** Won for the six months you some insights about the differences and the Czech Slovak universities? How do they differ? ** I think that Czech is the better level. Clear that only know closer to my school and Masaryk University, where I was, but nevertheless I have a better impression of Bohemia. Better access to teachers, better library, and the like. It should however also take into account the fact that MU is a much older University than my Slovak Republic. But nevertheless I must say that I was stronger in Brno than in Ruzomberok. I think there teaching the more skilled people than us.

** And what the students are the Czech and Slovak students or others the same? ** Students are about the same everywhere. Like to have fun and learn to hate:). Of course they are exceptions. But big differences I would nerobila, but I feel that the CR has received a great, I do not know what would be the total scenario, if it's the opposite – that I am Czech and I go to study in Ruzomberok for half a year. Moreover, I was in Moravia, and as we know, the relationship Slovaks – Moravians are better than the Slovaks – Czechs. And no better than the Moravians tobôž – Czechs:).

** What do you miss most in the CR? ** Some of Slovak products – karička triangular cheese, I had a problem finding draft Kofola and the like. And otherwise? So clear that family and friends, also my horse-riding club – albeit in Brno I went ride. Outweighed, however, other options – Brno is a great city, there is always something to do and where to go … this example, missing my home.

** What did from this semester at MU took what he gave you? ** Experience, knowledge, knowledge, experiences and know a lot of great people I am.

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3280/IM­GP8078.jpeg * *]

** Do you have any recommendations or advice for those who would like to go to CR the same way as you? ** In particular, I wish them the nerve in papieroch. It's annoying and bureaucracy is sometimes incredible. But it's a good experience. In particular, let you forward all they find, because sometimes the problem is addressed through some things and then two of the Republic shall ply top – down.

** You will want to return to the Republic for further study or for work? ** It happened – I departed to Prague. It is not my beloved city, but ostávam Brňáčkou flesh and soul. Presented itself to me that chance, so I have embraced it. But once and Brno will be.

** And some more plans for the future? ** Is currently on their own. And over time you found your own housing – currently dwell with our friends from the middle. Nesťažujem is, dwell in the center of Prague for a very good lease, but the custom is custom, and moreover, when clipped onto and would like to come here and friend. And other plans? And those are many, however, prefer to dwell and work momenálne. And of course you want to finish school.

** Thank you for the interview .**

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