The Special Field: Security of information and telecommunications systems Added:14.3. 2010
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The Special Field: Security of information and telecommunications systems

The following article will present an absolute novelty in both Czech and European schools – study into the safety of our company throughout technologizované.

=== Where to study

A new field called Security of information and telecommunications systems (acronym BI) opens at the Faculty of Transportation Sciences, CTU in Prague since the winter semester 2010 as part of the technique and technology in transport and communications. It will be a full follow-up master study program designed especially to interested graduates of bachelor programs focused on information technology and telecommunications.

Contents === studies

The study is primarily focused on the ability to search for dangerous conditions in the systems of information transfer. The aim is to ensure safety in a society that increasingly depends on technological infrastructures. Branch presents itself as an interdisciplinary, meaning that goes beyond even the business sector and the issue of crime in cyberspace (ie hacking).

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* Data security is in a society that increasingly depends on technological infrastructures more important than (photo: stock.xchng) *

Admission tests === === Candidates do not perform written examination, but will participate in the tender for projects which will receive materials by mail. The admission followed by expert committee decided to assess the candidate's work at the Bachelor level studies taking into account its benefits.

=== Graduates

Graduates with a degree Ing. can be applied in the spheres of the latest security technologies in network industries, especially in science. Can one become a security company executives, analysts, security engineers, planners and designers of security technologies, but also team leaders and organizers for the operation and testing of security equipment. Its role can also play in training the general public.


!!! Applications can be submitted up to 31 March 2010!

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