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Public, state or private college? Added:21.3. 2010
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Public, state or private college?

At many universities are growing science, no doubt about that. But science can be a high schooler just to confess in them. In this article we try to explain the difference between the terms „public“, „state“ and „private“ high school.

A brief explanation of these terms offered by our academic vocabulary. Let's shine a light on them but a little closer. Let's start with those that are least in the Czech Republic: public schools.

Czech State College ** ** Two: Police Academy and the University of Defence. Managed directly by the relevant ministries (Police Academy of the Ministry of Interior and Defense Ministry of Defense University) and have no legal personality, established by the state. Their advantage for students is that once you successfully complete their studies, not to worry about the front office at work: the state is employing and will be for them in some cases amply avenge during their study. How is that possible?

Studying at the University of Defence of the students had become professional soldiers. Thanks to enjoy many benefits: the young soldiers have had during the study years are entitled to a monthly salary. Currently reaching more than thirteen thousand crowns, and there are surcharges counted for functions and various scholarships. When you add free accommodation, reimbursement of fares for family or counting odstudovaných years in the calculation of retirement, these are compelling arguments why the career of a professional soldier just nezavrhovat. Drawing these advantages, however, includes a commitment after graduation to stay in the military. Those who do not want to bind this way, they can join the civilian studies, but they will have to give up most of those benefits. Embark on the path of military doctors can in Hradec Kralove, where there is a Faculty of Military Health Sciences, or you can begin his military career in Brno, where the Faculty of Military Technology and the Faculty of Economics and Management.

Police Academy is designed mainly in the service of police officers and other employees of the Ministry of Interior, who care about protecting rights. Candidates must pass the entrance examination to test language and test skills and knowledge of school law issues, such as security and psychology. The school has set limits adopted by civilians as well as candidates from employment. Those in receipt of salary during their studies. Police Academy is located in Prague and has two faculties: Faculty of legal security and the Faculty of Security Management.

. <> * *** And what type of school you get your diploma? (Photo: stock.xchng) *

** ** Public universities are those that claim the most seniors – is a state funded study on them and is normally free. Their activities run by which each such school should have: the Academic Senate, Rector, Scientific Board, the Disciplinary Board, the Board and the Bursar. All these components have their exact remit of the Law on Higher Education, which you can pass those curious „here“:…evize_I..doc.

** ** Private colleges are not unlike those of public law established or abolished, the business must give their consent Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. They usually have a formal form of limited liability companies, corporations and civic-profit organizations. He is the third part of them mentioned the Higher Education Act (and supplemented by: public schools are devoted to Part Twenty). Even if they can get a subsidy from the state, mostly to cover the costs of operating its own resources, which include tuition fees collected from their own students. It is for this reason, you can occasionally meet with conviction about the low quality private schools that are trying to keep their students because they are de facto their sponsors.

The issue of quality and poor quality private schools, however, is far from simple. There are really good and challenging private school, which teaches professionals from abroad. Conversely affair around Pilsen rights showed that even public schools can have a strong word corruption. In addition, due to „overpopulation“ fields at public universities is, according to many experts, the decline in the quality of teaching and non-private schools. At the scene of higher education come demographically weaker classes. Many predicted that would be many private schools, which after the revolution swarmed like mushrooms after rain, due to low interest close. Now is the struggle of the student. Also, public universities have a specific contribution of each listener, so they make them worth more. The situation is slowly but surely coming to the state „převzdělanosti“ companies, which will have almost every adult title from one type of school. How then confess their quality? It is a question for politicians and their planned reform of tertiary education.

Overview of existing public, state and private universities, visit the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports „here“:…ysokych-skol.

** Source: ** MSMT each school site

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