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Who is behind the e-courses on the TSP website Added:16.3. 2010
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Who is behind the e-courses on the TSP website

„You helped me revamp normal routine perverted thinking on the receiver,“ „perfect preparation for last minute“ are some of the responses to the preparatory courses for přijímačkám offered website. We researched for you, who stands behind these courses and the journey took us up to the brothers Jan and Paul Ficalům.

„When we were doing in the nineties on college entrance exams, téespéčka (Tests study skills – more about them can be read as“ here ":…em/index.php?… ) still at the Masaryk University were established. Some of them I would not even think of thinking, if I was three years after finishing high school friend nevyhecovala that rights are a new entrance exams, and that we could try, if we do, "says the impulse to create online courses Fical John. Coping with tasks in the test for him was no problem and reached a percentile, which most students can only dream about. "I wondered whether it would be worth it to create a virtual course for other students. I knew about the existence of many agencies that hold full-time courses and that people often complain, for example, that are lengthy, are not good teachers and so on. Why not try to create an alternative that would be preferable to prepare? "Since John was in e-learning experience, immediately set to work to help and spoke to his brother Paul, who studied the same subject – for teaching mathematics and computer science for secondary schools.

Half a year passed before purchasing a domain and site created especially written and tuned courses themselves. In spring 2006, it offered courses first virtual žáčkům. She grabbed the idea of ​​the course without a real teacher? „The disadvantage of online courses is that they lack a personal touch,“ admits Paul, „but the paradox is that when I teach full-time course, almost nobody asks for anything. In addition, teacher does not necessarily mean a guarantee of a good course. Many agencies employ dozens of teachers, whose quality varies, and you can be that you pay just the fact that it can not explain well, or you sit down. The online course is a guarantee that everyone will get the same quality and eliminates the risk of a bad teacher. The meat courses are often the whole group of those slower to adapt, the curriculum is constantly repeated, and those smarter just wasting time and money. Online course offers luxury and comfort of home to go through it at any time. “

Currently there are no pages fifth year and introductory course to test through a few thousand users a year. Other courses have many orders but only part. Not everyone is willing to pay for the preparation, test someone sit down and try some of it just out of interest, and the school is really no answer. „Basically, we have no advertising and rely only on the Grapevine. This year we also had an official advertisement and teaching in the newspapers, "says Paul. "We is not about to make a customer at any cost as much money, we have deliberately set conditions in order to buy a course only those who recognize that they can really help. That's why we give everyone the full version of one course for free when you register it to make judgments. We're not dissatisfied by thousands of students, from which we squeezed out the money, we will be far better for hundreds of those who really help. “

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And how things actually work? Aleph offers e-learning course on each of the seven sections of the TSP. Anyone can try a free section and then decide whether to pay well for others. The price of one section is 120 crowns, after ordering four sections, users get automatically access to those remaining. In addition to courses on the TSP are the same price and available courses at National OSP comparative tests. While Scio similar course offered at their site for 780 crowns, the Aleph is again under Section 120 CZK. That is why the OSP courses to its portfolio of courses included and Fido.

How is this competition looks Scio? „We need to realize that the OSP is a test from the TSP, Brno significantly different and preparation for these two tests can not connect,“ said Bohumil Kartous, a spokesman for the company. „Scio therefore preparing to test the OSP provides materials and services in their own production. For those single can guarantee their quality, "says Kartous. Yet Aleph project value: "Besides the courses Fido, Aleph certainly consider it better for you in the market for preparatory materials occurs. Their approach is responsible and it can be stated that the purpose of their work is not just a job to get money from the offering would-preparatory courses, which in fact candidates for their required examinations no preparation. It is unfortunately under the current market. Regarding preparations for the TSP, it is my opinion that both Aleph and Fido Rate, offering a high standard indeed based on good knowledge of the actual test and prepare thoughtful of him. “

Fido Rate the above-mentioned two brothers working together – working in them as teachers in addition to sample tests are compiled into the media. Martin Vitus Fida praises the cooperation: „My colleagues Ficaly worked since the start of classes Fido in 2006. Natural part of our "tééspéčkových“ courses and online courses from TSP, which was prepared in my opinion, superior in quality. It was obvious that the gentlemen had already Ficalové experience in dealing with other online courses, but also have insight into the TSP. "

Although different companies make different preparations and the foundation years big business for both brothers, the project is rather just a hobby. Both are employed full time elsewhere. Paul teaches high school programs and Jan Prague for one company. Yet what is happening around the TSP and OSP carefully monitored. „I would like to emphasize that in preparing themselves téespéček not involved, nor have no contract with the Masaryk University. But carefully monitor their development, "says John. This highlights the advantage of Vitus and colleague: "What is the Aleph unbeatable rates, their regular updates – TSP tests from year to year changes, and while paper publications quite often based on prehistoric variants in which the candidate has no chance of a bookstore recognize courses from Aleph. com is based on current form, "praised the work of the authors. "The timeliness of the care we give“ přitakává Paul, „put together a similar role and because we know the structure of tests from previous years, we are able to estimate their changes. Several times this happened to us, that in principle the same role that we put to practice in our courses we do, there really appeared that year. “

Testimony on the quality of courses also have some statistics? „Study Test is specific in that they can attend just one term. Request is not an objective improvement. The student has only one shot and hovoto, "says John. Unlike the National Comparative tests in which the student can study the general assumptions and apply five times and then compare how the different terms lepšil. Ficalovi searching for satisfaction poll, you can fill everyone who passes through the course. "Of course there will be plenty of what it does not fill, but the return is large enough to be statistically significant, so we can conclude that students are happy,“ Paul says. „But we have no slogan that our satisfied customers come back,“ says John. „Those are happy for us never to return, because when you write tests for real good, get to school and no longer need our services,“ he laughs. However, according to Paul poll results show more annually than ninety-five percent response of praise.

Thanks to educational agencies and initiative of students themselves, so there are plenty of ways to prepare for entrance exams. And even Masaryk University efforts to prepare for the TSP nezaspala. From this year on their site offers online course – takes the form of a relatively comprehensive advice on how to solve the test, and offers online practice test. All for free.

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