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Michael Kolmaš: Discuss the lessons with a teacher Japanese consider indecency Added:15.4. 2010
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Michael Kolmaš: Discuss the lessons with a teacher Japanese consider indecency

The fact that a college education means a particular option, I once again forged a student of international relations Michael Kolmaš. After reaching at one such gathering with friends in the pub. The result was a year of study at the University of Akita, Japan.

"Not to my friend informed on time and desire go away, I guess I did not go anywhere. A trip to the Japan Center for International Studies offered to people at the bachelor's degree and I had planned to be during their stay in Japan longer a student of Master studies. Still, I literally overnight decided to try it, "says Michael, who managed the atypical navazujícícho go for a bachelor's degree foreign university.

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** How did you go to study in Japan? **

At the time of application, I was still bachelor, I had a month before final exams. Since I took it straight to the follow-up study, I had pulled a graduate with a Bachelor degree I was lucky that I managed to convince the department of study to get my earned credits for the year spent at the bachelor's degree in Japan to offset my master's degree, or I had to study for some time longer.

** What was the need to study in Japan do? **

Submit your application at the right time. In the center was closing, the same day I came and gave an application, recommendation letter from the sponsor area, I even brought up on Thursday. They requested a cover letter in English listing marks. Most important is the average diameter of 2.0 and above to says we do not have to report and I had 2.02, so it was on the edge. They told me that if I marry, they'll complain to Friday to three hours. All stressed out Friday, I checked the inbox, but nothing. I slowly began to terms with the fact that I did not pass when I arrived at five in the final report, it proceeds to the second round. I waited there for a job interview in English and in a few months, I could go.

** You wonder about something before you leave Japan? **

Now, it not at all. I wrote out of boredom at Filda Japanese for beginners. But there were two hundred students enrolled and the teaching took place once a week, so it was impossible for one semester to learn too. Japan, I had to learn on the spot.

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** As there learning the language took place? **

Every day we had two hours and do a bunch of Japanese homework. Each also had its own assigned a conversational partner with whom we had a day to train. Especially in the beginning it was hard because I did not understand anything and rehashed over and over again just three sentences that I could. But after the first semester, we both knew how the Japanese alphabet and basic vocabulary, which remained valid in the half-hour interview. At the end of the trip I've even done the JLPT2 language certificate. Now I try to go in Japanese, go for private lessons with teachers from the local center of Japan.

** Lectures at the school were in English? **

Exactly, everything except the Japanese lectured in English. And at the foreign students were far better than home. During the hours are often bored because the teacher stayed explaining some vocabulary. Japanese English teachers are generally not good because the teaching of Japanese is very passive. Students sit and listen but not speak. Then they can understand but not speak. And they have problems with the right accent. By far the most Japanese Korean control, which is very similar to Japanese and Chinese.

** Japanese students are as passive? **

Passive is primarily a teaching style that is much more authoritarian since elementary school. As students, the Japanese are hard workers and great contrast to school work all the time, and it collectively. They go to all lectures, even though many of them asleep because they are taught at night. Libraries regularly sleeps nearly half of people over the open book. Two hours Pospí you there and then to learn more. And since they have at the school last chance to enjoy something, spend a lot of rings of interest such as the football, painting, photography and so on. After work, he does not have time. Japanese devote so much time that most Europeans would have been willing to bite.

** So, no endless posedávání in pubs, which are often used in the Czech Republic? **

No, the Japanese are not spontaneous and decide to just after the lecture that he had to go to one. To meet more friends in the room. And everything must be carefully organized. With that, I had a separate problem from the beginning. It happened to me should I go to a concert an hour after the start, as I was accustomed to the Czech Republic, and I managed to have the last song the band since it started playing well when it should.

** It is difficult to establish friendship with Japanese students? **

Rather, yeah, because of language barrier. Students from abroad are usually the most fun with each other and live together because they share a common program, so it is here with Erasmáky. But one of the Japanese friends came here to study for the Czech Republic and now lives with me in Glasgow.

** How does the educational system of the Czech? **

You need to work more than a year, have a lot of homework. The hardest thing is to get to school, once a student is studying, I usually throw it. Schools there are a hierarchy from the top, which should take one of forty, and from which graduates go to work at the ministry after the less lucrative. Even in Japan have a bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree, but most students complete a Bachelor's, continues to seven percent.

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** According to what the best schools choose students? **

The success in nationwide tests. In Japan, there's something similar to that for the U.S. national comparative tests, which include Japanese history, writing and other disciplines. According to the results calculated by the percentile and he decides what kind of university student can apply.

** What about the school where you studied, what percentile it was necessary? **

Akita University School ranks among the generally small percentage of applicants RX. So the Japanese situation was probably good, but I came really easy. Lot of things, that lectures there, I believe. Teachers have been subjective and biased. And when I tried to discuss the topics discussed, classmates came to me and asked me if I feel bad that I was teaching so nedzvořilý. Japanese often have no critical thinking, even in the hours and do not report everything they are told, are taken as given. The efforts are not used to oppose.

** The courtesy is also related to levels of politeness of Japanese with special tips and special words that can express one and the same thing with a different respect. I managed to hack into the system? **

No, not yet. I use only the basic level and I had no problems with it. The Japanese are tolerant of foreigners.

** Do you think that you'd get back to Japan? **

I went in and handed the application for doctoral studies, but nelpím on it. International relations, studying, have excellent departments in Brno and Prague.

/ / Michael Kolmaš (24) graduated from the Brno Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University, European Studies and International Relations, there is now continuing her studies in international relations. In Japan, spent the academic year 2008/2009. / /

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