Shoot the original video and win business Added:12.3. 2010
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Shoot the original video and win business

More than half of Europeans have never thought of founding his own company. Since the European Commission considers to be key in business growth and employment, decided to launch the campaign, which also includes the business competition ** video of the year 2010 (European Entrepreneurship Video Award 2010) **. The aim is to reflect the competition of business and business careers.

The competition is announced in three categories: Entrepreneurship – A different way of life, Entrepreneurship – Challenges and Rewards, Business – The way into the future. Videos must be delivered to the European Commission no later than 9 ** ** April this year. Length images should be between 1 to 2 minutes and each participant can send only one image. The winner will be decided primarily to fit the theme, originality of idea and quality of its workmanship.

The winner of each category will receive € 3,333, second place are rewarded € 2 222, and third place will be awarded € 1 111. Another five special price which is € 555, participants will receive at age 25 and younger who were awarded the main prizes. Winners will be invited to the ceremony held on the 25th May 2010 in Brussels.

Source and further details, „the Commission's Web“:…video-award/

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