Join the competition and conjure up the university campus in Ghana! Added:14.3. 2010
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Join the competition and conjure up the university campus in Ghana!

Helika been announced as the second year of the architectural competition for college students, whose goal is to select the best design ** Medical University campus in Ghana **. The competition is open only to students of Technical University in Liberec (Faculty of Art and Architecture), Technical University of Brno (Faculty of Architecture), VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava (Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Architecture), Technical University (Faculty of Architecture and Building Faculty ), University of Applied Arts (Architecture Studios) and the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (Architecture in). The deadline is 30th place ** June 2010 **.

As stated by a leading architectural and design studio, offices Helika Acad. Architect Vladimir Kruzik, fully corresponds to the objective of the competition with a long experience of this company with projects for African countries. In the past, for example, has prepared a draft project of the basilica, hospitals and airports in Gabon. "As an architectural design project for countries in different climatic zone requires a very different approach than what we used to in Central Europe, where the European region, we decided to address the students with something for them to be completely new to them but what a different perception of what architecture is and how to access it, "says Kruzik.

Students who wish to participate in the competition must submit a proposal for the urban-architectural complex medical campus for the University of Ho, which is the administrative center of the region of Upper Volta in Ghana. The proposal must include a complex of facilities for education, housing, science and research, university administration, social, and its function must be an integral part of the transport of the premises. Author of the best proposal will receive 55 000 CZK, the second best will be honored with the amount of CZK 25 000 and the participant who finishes third place will get 15 000 CZK. According to the jury's decision and the announcer will also offer selected students rewarded with experience in Helika, Inc., the parent company or Obermeyer. Moreover, according to the organizers for all of the winning proposals to ensure publicity in professional journals.

More information and a tender nalzenete ‚here‘:…ika_2010.pdf (pdf).

Source: „“:…ity-v-ghane/ „“: http://www­kove-centrum/tiskove-zpravy.ep/12_381-vyhlaseni-2.-rocniku-studentske-architektonicko-urbanisticke-souteze / /

Author: Černá, Lucie

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