Student entrepreneurs can compete on the idea of Added:22.3. 2010
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Student entrepreneurs can compete on the idea of

He started the third annual business plan competition UniCredit idea ** 2010 **. The mission of the competitions is to develop entrepreneurial thinking and activity for young people and to facilitate the initial steps in their own business. All this by investing up to 5 million, and material prices in the price of 300,000 crowns.

Login can be any business plan, the idea of ​​expansion of the company or project for investors, has not yet been implemented or are in the starting stage (within 2 years of its existence). Evaluation criteria are feasibility, potential ideas, originality and quality of workmanship and business person.

The competition evaluates projkety in three categories: ** ** The idea of ​​(the best business plan) ** ** Student Entrepreneur (Best student project) and ** Potential ** (project with the greatest growth opportunities).

Deadline for project applications this year is the 30th ** April 2010 **.

Competition organized by Business Development Institute (the Institute for Development of Entrepreneurship, and more info here), part of the University of Economics in Prague.

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