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You can work while studying abroad? Added:27.3. 2010
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You can work while studying abroad?

Are you considering starting a study abroad, but you suspect he may go forth with the money? Would you like to earn a scholarship? It's not an alien and to prosecute, the student find a good job? We asked for experiences and tips.

Study abroad combines just two advantages: ** opportunity to travel and yet still have to pay **. It depends on the program, but scholarships are not any sky-high, especially in terms of countries, which commission finds to be „cheaper“. Students abroad often face the choice whether to pay all my time studying, or have helped to some extra money and enjoy for them to be more fun or to look for a foreign county. What you should prepare if you want to try your luck in employment while studying abroad?

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** When a language is not enough ** It should be noted that the situation in each country from each other can vary widely, and what is true for your friend two years ago in Germany, this may be completely different in England. Each country governed by law. Moreover, it is hard to find work in a country already suffering from unemployment. This is confirmed by Sabina, who studied in Greece ** ** and find a job while studying can not see at all optimistic: „I myself worked in Greece, but many of my colleagues from Erasmus Brigade and sought in vain. Greeks do not work for ourselves, we can just get in the season on the islands, but the same salary covers only accommodation and food. "In a similar situation can be prepared for example in Spain ** **, where the influx of tourists also determines the circulation of money. More favorable conditions for work while studying, for example, in the ** UK ** or Ireland, where surely a few extra notes handy, because it is a relatively expensive country. It is similar also in the ** U.S. ** or in Malta. It is also a country where English is the official language, which is anyway expected for each foreign student. You do not need any extras, and be able to reach you after a better job in the cafeteria, the reception and a cultural institution. The language barrier can be a problem for example in Italy ** ** where other students often work in bars or even sell fish in markets. In Germany and Austria to work also abound, but the German is unquestionable advantage. The same is true of post-communist countries, where especially the older generation still struggling with English a little. ** What do I need to confirm this confirmation? ** Complicated bureaucratic process is known, for example, France ** **. Necessary "paperwork“ to get work includes an examination of the French language, whose level is not low even for the experienced. The impasse came also Veronica, who at the end of the study program (and even after scholarships) still wanted in Germany ** ** buck: "I tried to find a job in Leipzig, but I was already officially reported as a student. I had called Steuerkarte (a kind of tax card). Without her, but no one will employ a man, in black to anyone it wants. I could have Steurkarte, I would have to be registered Meldeamtu (similar to the municipal office), I could be registered on Meldeamtu, I would have a lease. But I did not look for housing, without my knowing that I have a job, but as I said, no one man Steuerkarte hire. So the only way would be to have enough money našetřených me to find a first home, reported to be acquired Steuerkarte and then I could hope to find work. In conclusion, I therefore find that it was easier for me to start working already during their studies and not wait until I have time to full time. " There are sometimes questions whether a school that provides scholarships, students earn some money does not matter. The answer, fortunately, is no. No one is allowed to check in studying abroad are doing some work.

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** Working or studying? That is the question! ** For students abroad is an ideal work for college ** ** either the externally for your home or on-site hosting for your school. The second option allows to improve foreign language, assertiveness and the possibility of interesting contacts valuable for the future. Such an opportunity to praise and Radek, who studied in Hanover, Germany: "I got work in the International Office, which is an office that takes care of foreign students – but it was very short-term job and my job was to look after students from Korea after arrival. Then I consistently worked as a librarian in a small university library and also led his own Tutorial (instrumental workshop at UNI). Get a job at the university is quite simple, because of vacancies for auxiliary scientific power, as it is called in Germany, is writing a lot. As for the financial evaluation work and is due to the complexity of the work certainly better than us (and also due to the fact that there are higher costs of living). " Many countries also likely that students will want to earn something and try to accommodate them. As Elizabeth says that studies on Cyprus ** **: "Working in the studio is saying here, so all schools are so adapted. Most people here studying and working simultaneously, so that customized training. It depends on your time availability, your attitude to work and preferences. The work here is enough. The most frequent job is waitress, or operating in one of the shops. It's also the easiest and best. " Unfortunately, however, chose to countries which confirms the sentence of the title. Students with experience of such ** ** Nordic countries such as Finland, Norway and Sweden, are often met with classes in the morning and group work on projects in the afternoon, so the brigade have much time. Teaching is also solved by block (after week, that subject), there's so much there or anywhere on a regular basis. Some countries – as confirmed by the experience of Puerto Rico ** ** – students from abroad at all employ, to the neglect did not support the school. Elsewhere, the school has again used in the practice, a practice that can be included in the study activities. But it is mostly volunteer work, and therefore unpaid.

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