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Five questions for ... David Vavra Added:29.3. 2010
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Five questions for ... David Vavra

Men Only David Vavra profession certainly is not. As a trained architect, is the author of a number of implementation especially in his hometown of Prague. Architectural um also capitalized on the Czech television průvdcování "Šumnými cities. Trenchant satirical and tongue recesisitickým brandished the show Czech soda and does so still on the boards Theatre Cellar, which is co-founder. He has also in several Czech films, and occasionally deals with poetry.

** What high school did you study and why you chose for her then? ** In the four years I saw the father sitting at a desk and draw and I said that I wanted to be an architect, available 22 years after I graduated from the various skips school of architecture at the Academy.

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** What do you put a college education in terms of your current profession? ** The school gives particular person time, during which he is looking for, what at the time considered to be important. We studied the time when many did not push to promote individual, so we could experience a long deep-flowing days of herding collectivism.

** If you could choose again today, what you studied and why? Would you consider studying abroad? ** While I do not like the speculative question, I'd give the whole study again. I was incredibly lucky to experience a six-month internship in Paris, I would also recommend, especially since that one has to take care of himself. Then he returns to a lonely empty room, the wallpaper is made from dough that does not understand and experience.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3294/va­vra2.jpg] Source: Gallery Theatre Cellar ":…galerie.html

** What do you think of when you say „student life“ and how you can remember? ** We had to drink alcoholic beverages, so we fought against communism, to help our congregation prazvířete basement.

** What would you say to those who wish to report on the field you studied, or are considering similar professional path? ** Whether you go for the calling of his heart, and if not, then we made a mistake.

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