At school in Cheb, he tries to high "rough" Added:27.3. 2010
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At school in Cheb, he tries to high "rough"

There is a unique project started in collaboration with the ** College of Information Management and Economics in Prague ** High School in Cheb. We are talking about the Gateway project ** ** High School, whose pupils to secondary schools to facilitate the transition to college and to familiarize them with the new environment.

What does that mean imagine? With registration in the electronic system ** ** students can try making the schedule, teaching the so-called e-learning or books in electronic lending library. Create you a better idea of ​​what vysoškolské study also often involves.

The project was supported by the European Union. In future the project plans to involve more high school Karlovy Vary Region. Detailed description of the project and current information on the „Gateway to College“:

Another source: „StudentPoint“:…dine-v-chebu

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