ESF MU Dean resigned. Reportedly plagioval Added:24.3. 2010
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ESF MU Dean resigned. Reportedly plagioval

Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administration at Masaryk University (MU) in Brno Martin Svoboda resigned at the invitation of the Rector from his office. The reason for the accusations of plagiarism, which was raised against the dean. Until the election of a new dean, appointed head of the university vice-dean of the faculty leadership of Martin Kvizda.

Rector decided to invite the freedom to resign after failing his explanation, which tried to prove his authorship of some books published. Even though it is your freedom to share the contents of these books demonstrate. The evidence will then be compiled by an expert commission to explore the Rector of the University.

Dean Svoboda was accused of being signed by a publication called How to invest or exchange anatomy lies and how to dominate financial markets are merely a translation of previously published books of German authors, and Christian W. Werner, H. Röhl Heussingera Generation Zertifikate – Die Emanzipation der Geldanlage. This book does not appear yet in the list of the literature. Another offense that is now investigating, Svoboda is likely to change in the German co-author of the book Intelligent investieren have Zertifikaten by the same authors, which is listed in the electronic information and where MU was reportedly attributed to his name.

Source: Press Release MU

Author: Černá, Lucie

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