Buy tickets by the end of March and hit the rag cheaper! Added:25.3. 2010
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Buy tickets by the end of March and hit the rag cheaper!

The event, called Rag Day ** ** is associated with student life long tradition. This year is not lacking in major student cities of our country. This year you can enjoy on the Rag Day ** 23rd 4th Hradec Kralove **, ** 23rd and 24 4th Pilsen **, ** 30th 4th Prague ** and ** 7.5 Brno **. By the end of March you can buy tickets for these events at a discount.

Also this year will be mainly associated with the rag music. Visitors can look forward to the band ** Christopher, Monkey Business, Support Lesbiens, Mig 21, Vypsaná fixa ** or ** Xindl X **. An integral part of the fun is also an option King Majáles, entertainment and various performances and competitions.

For detailed information visit the website „Majá“: Registered Member rag club can enjoy a free beer.

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