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Graduation essay: what mistakes to avoid Added:2.4. 2010
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Graduation essay: what mistakes to avoid

That is close to the graduation examination, perhaps some even do not need reminding. Her first swallow is no graduation essay, which at most schools ever held in April. Server therefore approached several teachers czech and asked what mistakes each year according to them, most seniors commit. And you are there because their answers can be avoided this year.

Essay is an integral part of the school-leaving examinations in the Czech language and its purpose is mainly to show how much students ** ** dominate their native language (or languages ​​such as Czech, who embraced her), not only in terms of his theory, but the main practice. For that reason it puts emphasis on understanding how the difference between ** each ** stylistic departments, as well as the systematic thinking ability ** ** ** and ** the right expression, but of course the spelling **. ** Server therefore decided to address several teachers who have to work longer correcting styles and their experiences during their practice can guess what is in leaving slohovkách biggest pitfalls for students. The paradox here is that these are usually alert to phenomena that appear while quite clear, but it remains a long-term phenomenon and styles of work.

They lead misspellings === === Most teachers we interviewed agree that the reduction of signs involved are perhaps the most spelling mistakes ** **. This is probably true, unfortunately, what you have learned in all those years you spent in high school, is about a hard time catching up while writing the essay. The advantage compared to dictate, however, is that, unlike the text dictated the teacher can choose yourself what word or phrase to use. So, if you are unsure of the spelling of the phenomenon, think about whether the term could be replaced by another without this leading to a shift of meaning. What's more, are available to you during the writing of the Czech rules, so feel free to use them.

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  • During the writing are available to Czech rule. Do not be shy to use them (photo: Lucie Black, *

Commas in a sentence === === Among the common mistakes that need to be highlighted separately as though they also fall into the category of spelling, teachers are addressed according to a comma in the sentence ** **. Students forget them mainly in larger souvětích where subordinate clauses are inserted into the major (long sentences are no other abundant, but not too happy with the seen, a phenomenon slohovek). Problems students are doing well but said comma in souvětích coordinate and inferior.

Failure to sentence custody === === In everyday speech may sometimes happen that one forgets how to actually begin a sentence, and it may eventually „put together“ properly. In written text, and particularly graduation essay, but this should not become. ** Such unwelcome deviations from the correct sentence ** ties are mainly anacoluthon (ie similarity of the sentence custody – see for example the sentence „Man, if not careful, he just lost something.“) Or zeugma (deviation of the sentence ties – as as in the sentence „I watered and looked after the flowers.“).

=== Inappropriate language

Perhaps it may be nervousness, perhaps ignorance of students, but teachers often reply to the topic of frequent errors in slohovkách was surprisingly awkward use of words ** **. / / „If it is a stylistic shortcomings, it is often repeated the same words, excessive use of demonstrative pronouns and so-called word-type pads, well, just a few examples …‚,“// states for all of Sarka Liberdová SPŠCH and Grammar in Ostrava. Students would then in Czech language should also be careful to use non-functional extra personal pronouns, adjectives and adverbs. According to Elizabeth Langerova and her colleagues from the Business Academy in Vlasim the inadequate use of words and their repetition or an eloquent reflection of the actual student‘s voca­bulary.

Failure to enter === === Another mistake, which, at least it seems from the observations of teachers, constantly repeated, is either a non-issue ** work ** or ** the stylistic process **. In particular, the second of those errors can be very significant negative sign on the evaluation of the final work. Yet, as far as genres and styles, their range is so wide that it is not possible to learn the basic procedures. The most common style offered by the procedures for leaving work is reasoning, description (description or characterization) or narration, but sometimes in the assignment will include such pearls as personal letters, reading, article, essay, story, etc. Within each approach is also necessary to distinguish and between their specific forms: objective description is not the same as a subjective description, narration is unfair trial, an official letter has a different shape than a private letter, etc.

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  • There is nothing worse than a white paper in front of us and twenty minutes for us (photo: *

In terms of compliance issue then becomes, in particular, that the student is in deep contemplation or immersion in the content of the work ultimately wholly diverted from the main thematic line, which eventually become arch described by something other than what preceded it in the title work. Alas, not too satisfied about the teacher of your scheme of thinking. Finally, students forget that the space for their ideas is unlimited, or vice versa is more than what she could. Also in compliance with the prescribed amount of work is necessary to give good care.

How should essay after the introduction of new GCSE?

Written work

  • Be prepared in two levels of difficulty
  • Will be entered centrally by the Ministry of Education, which provides a level playing field for all graduates
  • Extended the range of award: The student will be able to choose from 10 award for each level of difficulty, allowing at least some targeting Specialist (Example of the new found maturity „here“: -written-work-1404033334.html)
  • For the development work will be defined, 60 minutes for a basic level of difficulty and 90 minutes for a higher level of difficulty

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