New study on UPOL: application to the end of April! Added:4.4. 2010
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New study on UPOL: application to the end of April!

Just two Palacky University (UPOL) recently received accreditation for new fields to which candidates can report to the end of April. Applications can however still be served at some other branches within UPOL.

In addition to the Faculty of Education ** ** (PDF), which will in the following academic year Bachelor's premiere open field ** Information Education Education **, which we have already informed „here“: http://www.vysokeskoly. com / system / index.php? article = 2040 & id = 3291, offers a new field of Cyril and Methodius Theological Faculty ** ** (CMTF). It gained accreditation to the downstream sector ** Spiritual Master and the Christian formation of adults **, in its combined form. Branch is implemented within the Theology.

The condition for admission to this discipline is to achieve a higher education at least bachelor's degree in Theology degree program and successfully passing an entrance examination (unless otherwise specified). For more information about admission procedures and contacts are posted on the „pages CMTF“:…maci-rizeni/.

Electronic applications for two new courses, candidates may be submitted up to 30th ** April **. The same day must be paid the administrative fee for admission, which is in both cases 500, – CZK.

Currently at the University of Palacky can still report on the single-subject undergraduate full-time ** ** English philology, which was the decision of the management of Faculty of Arts extended deadline for applications until 11th ** April **. Until 31st ** ** March will then be reported at the „selected areas“:…cle/64/6727/ announced by Cyril and Methodius Faculty UPOL.

Source: websites of individual faculties UPOL

Author: Černá, Lucie

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