The poster in Europe! Added:30.3. 2010
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The poster in Europe!

National Resource Center for Youth, along with an information center for the youth announces the celebration of European information for the youth art competition for the best poster, on any topic inspired any area covered by the informative site „“ :

The competition is open to young people aged ** 13 to 26 years **. The condition is to create a poster to the pdf or tif send mail to: along with the answer to the question: / / In how many countries you can Student Agency to convey the language stay? / / The deadline for receipt of poster set at the 13th ** April 2010 **.

The winner will receive a certificate worth 7900, – CZK, which can be exchanged for two return tickets luxury bus Student Agency Express routes to Europe, with the onset and outcome in Prague (choice of destinations are: France, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark) .

Source: „“:…ed-do-evropy

Author: Černá, Lucie

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