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It is said about graduation ... Added:5.4. 2010
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It is said about graduation ...

For graduation, as each life event increased bind different „absolutely true“ stories, which help to vent concerns about the test and humor lighten the important moment. He also became known to your friends? Also, do you believe them?

=== Dishonest losovačka

You may have heard of „guaranteed trick“ that will ensure that you get just the question that you can do best – preferably one with number 13 Just look at the ticket The drawn look, say, „Wow, thirteen, this is an unlucky number, there do not want to“ throw the ticket and rewind. Teachers, who will believe your superstition, but it just forces you to take a question. And that's exactly what you want!

Although this tutorial is almost a genius, its effectiveness may in practice amount to a recommendation to sleep with a textbook under your pillow (perhaps one of you try will not). It is very unlikely that a teacher stood in pulling issues directly with you and did not check the result. The test itself can cause similar experiments very cheap and fall as well as in the famous scene from the film Rebels, when one tries to reverse a six maturujících issued for nine.

[* Copy-kostky.jpg. (Not all are necessarily good fortune smile. Does not help most famous trick of „Thirteen“ Photo: stock.xchng) <] * *** Luck is choosy. Those less fortunate, however, usually does not help with the trick of the famous „Thirteen“ (photo: stock.xchng) *

How to be the original slohovce

Apparently, in your story circulating around the „very original“ idea for writing graduation thesis. Work assignment was „What is courage?“ Funny student and responded to it in one sentence, „This is courage.“ According to most versions of the work was not accepted for failure to count.

Similar stories of encouraging excessive originality in their written work is, fortunately, only in the legends. Similarly, you can schoolmates (and especially successful graduates) know that your work is „nobody reads“. It's supposedly been tested: the dozens of schools are circulating „true“ events of Daredevil, who wrote the text laid out the middle nonsense (for example, the recipe for the bun) or a note of "the same way that nobody reads, but still got the one. Nobody will prevent you to verify this fact yourself. But risk-taking prefer to let the Sportka.

What certainly took === === predecessors Who else could better advice than someone who already has successfully passed the graduation directly to your school. Graduates will certainly be guaranteed a supply of tips on how to go through just for this particular teacher: Doe you always get caught on an analysis of Maya, the young ladies Vavrušky just take your shirt with a neckline, English is an absolute farce, history, and no one fails in the social sciences is ultimately talk turns to the right. May appear as recommendations bordering magical practices: Do not go in the red, that provoke the jury! Troika is an unlucky number, who went on the third day, it never did!

Before important events and rallies, all of us looking for information that would help us to calm down and at least minimally in advance to ensure success. Be aware that the graduates from last year's forms do not remember the stress experienced by the test, but rather to re-interpret the reasons for its failure or vice versa wondrous glory. All comments are always generalizing simplistic and forget that the graduation success depends on more factors than the administration chosen clothes: it is thought they have in previous years worked at the school, the persuasiveness of your speech, content issues – but most of your knowledge and preparedness. And that's something that really affect you in advance and no pins in voodoo dolls!

Source: Partially adapted from the book Peter Janecek Black first ambulance and 2 part.

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