Some faculty JU waiting for their candidates to 31 March! Added:29.3. 2010
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Some faculty JU waiting for their candidates to 31 March!

** Faculty of Economics **, ** Faculty of Fisheries and Water Protection and ** ** ** Faculty of Agriculture, University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice (South Bohemia) extended the deadline for submission of applications, which now take up to 31st ** March 2010 **. The term applies to all printed by fields.

For the academic year 2010/11 prepared by University of South ** total seven new fields of study **. These are:

  • Bachelor degree German Language and Literature Faculty of Arts
  • Bachelor degree in Biotechnology – the use of biomass in the Faculty of Agriculture (news is a part-time biology and protection of organisms of interest)
  • Related master's degree in Teaching High School Chemistry, Faculty of Science
  • Follow-Up Master Study of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Economics
  • Theory doctoral education in mathematics at the Faculty
  • Two new courses taught in English, Bachelor degree in Nursing (Nursing) and master the Health and Social Care Management (Management of health and social care), opened a Health and Social Studies.

The accreditation procedure is currently part-time teaching at the School of Education faculty, related master's degree in Biological Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Biological Engineering Study at the Institute of Physical Biology.

Source: press release, „University of South Bohemia“:…ych-fakutach -extended-new-study-courses

Author: Černá, Lucie

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