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High? Or more professional? Added:12.4. 2010
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High? Or more professional?

In the minds of applicants for admission to higher education often gnaw Wormtail, what would they do if the school did not get the chance. Then it may be an alternative to study higher technical schools (colleges) in a related field. Alternatively, it could not have considered college as a safety option, but as a priority in their decision. How to study in these two different types of school and tells you what to consider the following lines.

A structure ===== =====

** University ** Master's studies, except for minor differences, divided into several stages. It begins with small steps in the three-to four-year undergraduate course, goes through a two-year masters and ushers in a very professional doctoral studies. Every school year is divided into two semesters, semester and year-end period is completed Examinations, which decides whether the amount of acquired knowledge is sufficient for the student to remain in the university neighborhood. Training can be spread throughout the day, including evening hours. Students in varying degrees according to disciplines and faculty can schedule realigned its image. Successful graduates leave school with a bachelor's de­fended, „diploma“:…em/index.php?… or „dissertation“: System / index.php? article = 2768 & id = 2506 and met with a state examination. Most can be studied in the „full“:…em/index.php?… or „combined mode“:…em/index.php ? article = 2768 & id = 2552nd ** College ** In contrast, the study of „louse“ unstructured periods of three to four years. The study is a kind of hybrid – on the one hand, recalls a fixed schedule from Monday to Friday, the organization of high school, on the other side tries to introduce university-style teaching differentiation of lectures, seminars and tutorials, introduction of optional subjects, and the application „credit system“: http: / /…em/index.php?…. A certain similarity can also be found by incorporating into the schedule of the examination period of the year. Specific emphasis is on practical skills rather than on academic research and scientific theorizing. This is responsible professional experience as an integral part of the study. And at the end of it all waiting for a sustained discharge. This is a test of vocational subjects, foreign language and also the defense of a thesis. The study is also available in both full form.

What is true ?

** University ** The public and state universities will not state anything. At least in terms of tuition. The debate about its introduction, although occasionally seeps into the Czech media slices, but for now visit the public universities free. All costs are so concentrated in housing, diet, and of course making study materials. The private university is a different song – tuition is climbing into the tens of thousands per year. ** College ** Here the situation is different, but not much. Tuition will need to, but different amount and according to who is the founder of the school. If the member state, the fee is around three thousand a year, however, if a private school, tuition ranges between 15 to 30 thousand crowns.

How are the courses ?

If you are afraid that due to the orientation of the majority of college graduates in the study, suffered a scattering of courses colleges, then know that, in fact, do not worry. Waxes offers over 170 different disciplines in this school year in areas of comparable universities. Most waxes are arguable economic fields, technical and educational or medical. On his coming but also interested in the humanities, arts, agriculture, food and theological studies or the study of hospitality and tourism. Find a college by the focus can be for example „here“:

The value of the shortcut ===== ===== name

As for college graduates is a major disadvantage is a slight underestimation of the non-academic degree obtained by DiS (Certified Specialist) from the academic title of Bachelor (Bachelor). This can ultimately lead to lower starting salaries and incentives for college graduates in job interviews. Needless to say, however, throw give up, capable man, and always apply some extra wax on the basis of cooperation with universities allow a relatively smooth transition to a bachelor's degree. For complete information, just add that university graduates of master's degree awarded the title of Master. (MA) or Ing. (Engineer) and doctoral students Ph.D. (Doctor – after the name).

[* Krizovatka.jpg. (Vyoskou? Or higher professional? Photo: stock.xchng) <] * High ***? Or more professional? (Photo: stock.xchng) *

From one school to another

Now a good news for those who are considering post-secondary technical school as a rescue option for acceptance to college. Under the Higher Education Act may provide for the university graduates' vošek "special conditions of admission and also recognize completion of the course. Many colleges in addition konkretími works directly with universities and conclude an agreement as to which courses university students can recognize it and how quickly they can complete a bachelor. Other colleges are offering concurrent study at the partner university. Slowly, so there is a convergence of higher education and vocational studies.

===== Question Quality

Regarding the information about the quality of higher education, certainly not suffer for their lack. Media year after year, drawn up by various universities žeříčky from different perspectives. We also evaluate the quality according to the scientific and publishing activities. The criterion that can be taken into account is the employment of graduates, which is however strongly influenced by specific focus area. The graduate employment can be considered as at higher vocational schools. After the hunt, but what next? The first sign that you are looking for a good college is a „quality certificate program EVOS ':, which in the past schools awarded a commission of experts from education and practice. The view can also be on the "Czech School Inspection“: And of course, are priceless authentic experience of your buddies students, whether high or higher vocational school.

Student opinion ===== =====

„The main difference between colleges and universities, I have personally seen in the approach. The college will have in most things“ led by the hand "and say, what to do and how to do it, but the university is often quite the contrary – there is a pond, there swimwear , here to kick ass and do what you can, especially in distance learning. What I would study at college to pick up, the expertise and thorough grounding in practical subjects, plus a good opportunity to use the school offered a large amount of experience offered / pre-arranged jobs now from the first grade, which is often a problem at the university even third year. If I were to sum up in one sentence, higher vocational school is that expansion of high school, university, then it is a completely new game with new graphics and previously unseen story. " ** Paul Sečkař, 25 **, currently studying the combined FEA MU (formerly the College library, information and social services, and MU)

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