Best student came from the University of Ostrava Added:5.4. 2010
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Best student came from the University of Ostrava

Miss Academia has come to its end, and on Wednesday 31 March, in the framework finally awarded in order of the fourteenth Miss Academia. Beauty crown this year to head put a twenty Kubáčková ** Cathy **, which studies the management in the nonprofit sector at the University of Ostrava. Title of the first runner from the center boasts ** ** Michael Junova from Czech Budejovice, students of the training staff in the protection of public health at the local University of South Bohemia. In third place was Kuglíková ** ** Lenka from Brno, whose current place of work is the High School, namely field of Tourism. A special award, the title of Miss Academia Online, which decided the general public, fell again jedenadvacetileté Lenka Kuglíkové **. ** Trumpeted the first time this year as the title of Miss Academia voice, which was interesting mainly for the local audience to Radio Praha. With the largest number of votes it took to John Tůmová ** ** Charles University in Prague.

[* * vitezky.jpg] / / Beauty queen crown this year earned twenty Catherine Kubáčková (seated front), the first runner up was Michael Junova (standing middle) and finally the second runner, and Miss Academia Online in one person became Kuglíková Lenka (right). „Special“ voice of the title she won Miss Tůmová John (left) (photo: Miss Academia CR). / /

All of the winners made their way to the primacy of competition 255 girls registered. Along with the other finalists were extensively casting in Prague and Zlin, but two rich programmatic focus and fashion shows. / / „This year the theme was ancient times. Not surprisingly, the atmosphere, the scene of the gala final scenario was accompanied by the same spirit. Competitors girls in the audience hall, and those who watched the live broadcast through the university's te­levision Neon, found themselves at the time of ancient Greece, which was sent to the moderator George Madl as a gladiator. He must find a new wife for the supreme god Zeus, "/ / described by one of the evening program managers Krutáková Eve. End of the evening belonged to good food and drink and "Miss party“ where the entire final round brought a dozen luxury limousine and where competition has completed its journey.

/ / Beautiful antique dress student models originated in the clothing design studio of Tomas Bata in Zlin (photo: Miss Academia CR). / /

Miss Academia held each year students of the Faculty of Multimedia Communications of Tomas Bata in the subject Communication Agency. For the first time the contest took place in 1997 when it was during the Gala Ball in Zlín Faculty of Technology, selected favorite student. Since then, competition has undergone numerous modifications, but its main mission remains what organizers describe competition laconic motto: „Miss Academia: Missy, who (with) mind.“

Source: Press release of the Miss Academia CR

Author: Černá, Lucie

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