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Fulbright Scholarship - the path to science poamericku Added:22.4. 2010
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Fulbright Scholarship - the path to science poamericku

Students are already in the first year colleges offer generous scholarship programs for study abroad. After winning the title but they also open the door to other foreign countries. One of the ways to get to study or scientific work in the U.S., the Fulbright scholarship program.

The Fulbright Commission is a nonprofit organization that provides talented Czech students and graduates with at least a bachelor's degree the opportunity to travel for study or research stay. Allocates annually for financial aid from the U.S. government about 4500 new grants. The scholarship is awarded for one academic year and covers tuition fees of up to $ 18,000. This also covers the cost of living, health insurance and a return ticket. This is a program that confers cross-study and is accessible to people from all over the world. Czechs may be involved since 1991, and in 2008 won a scholarship already 550 Czech students.

How many discoveries have helped launch this scholarship? Hard to say. If, however, the 9th born April 1905 ** ** James William Fulbright, the journey of discovery would probably not be so easy for a lot of earlier scholars, which helped draw inspiration trip to a new learning environment. And to think James Fulbright, an influential American lawyer and politician, he realized. Therefore, in 1946 founded the Fulbright scholarship program, which aired in the coming years, prospective students for studies funded by war reparations, and loan repayments to the United States. So far, it is according to the official website of the organization participated in the 260,000 'fulbrighterů, including nearly 100,000 in the United States and 160,000 from other countries. No wonder that in 1993 (coincidentally, two years before his death) came from James Fulbright Clinton Presidential Peace Medal for Merit in the field of education and international understanding.

How to get into the company of Nobel Prize winners, Pulitzer Prize, governors and senators, ambassadors and artists, judges, prime ministers and heads of state, eminent professors, that has already completed fulbrighterů? The basic premise is a Czech citizenship and permanent residence in the CR. Applicants must have first September completed a bachelor's program and excellent academic and professional outcomes. It must be added to the score, the statements of the American entrance tests – TOEFL iBT, or a GRE test study assumptions. Report to students and graduates in all disciplines except clinical medicine and management disciplines. Priority is given to applicants who are in the U.S. have long studied. If you meet all these requirements, you will enjoy the interview, which can only show what you've got, and how you can use your degree pobytek enrich themselves and their surroundings.

Add up to it. Brilliant English language skills, research experience, enriching look at it – it seems to you that the assumptions to gain scholarships are unaffordable? Do not be discouraged. „If you can find the office of the Fulbright Foundation, so I get a scholarship,“ he said wryly in an interview for the CT24 Gebrian architect Adam, who spent a year in Los Angeles, Southern California Institute of Architecture. However, it must be stressed that without an idea and an interesting project, do not hold a commission. „You have the best benefit, fantastic advice, but if it should contribute to a scholarship that will improve yourself, nobody else has anything of it, it's useless,“ says Gebrain. Despite a great idea, however, escape job filling in lengthy forms and applications which are low tax for experience, which can stay in the U.S. offer. Of course, each person staying abroad expands your horizons. But why is he a target destination to choose just the U.S.? „The fundamental difference between Czech and American mentality is that America's national motto is“ no pain no gain „and Czech“ who does nothing, nothing to spoil, "says Gebrain, who during his sojourn in America produced just three risky projects for Mumbai, Dubai and São Paulo.

If you are interested in winning the Fulbright, you can come in person to ask, what opportunities can bring a Fulbright scholarship for you. Fulbright Advising Center is from 8 April again holds free informational seminars for those interested in studying in the U.S.. Seminars are held on Thursdays from 16:30 in the premises of the Centre in the hotel Olšanka in Prague. More information is available „here“:…studiu.shtml.

** Additional Information ** „Official of the organization“: „Transcript of an interview with Adam Gebrainem“:…ka-architekt- ADAM-Gebrian / "Podroný description of the process gain from a successful scholarship grantees': ~ jtrnka / Postrehy.html

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