The Special Branch: Surgery Added:7.4. 2010
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The Special Branch: Surgery

To help people? Are you attracted to challenging but meaningful work? You are able to rapid response in times when decisions about human life? And finally … you do not mind the sight of blood? Maybe even something like this might look like an ad in which the medical device customers have new surgeons. Perhaps you find it signaled „acceptance criteria“ too strict, but just about the surgeon's work is …

Contents === studies

Branch Surgery (in its various forms and orientations, which we will talk later) at our study only in doctoral degree programs. But who wants to give surgery in his future professional life, he would have of course been adapted to study at Masters level. The condition for acceptance in a doctoral program, although under the terms of admission as presenting individual schools' graduating master's program, „but there is indirect expected to study some of the medical faculties. The general content of the doctoral study program is surgery, as well as with other such programs, scientific research and independent creative activity in research or development. The actual study is always carried out in an individual study plan for a coordinated assigned supervisor. The standard period of study in the doctoral program is usually 3 to 4 years (the length depends on the accreditation of the study area). The maximum period for graduation is then usually set at 8 years. Studies are completed by the state doctoral examination and dissertation defense. Graduates are then awarded the academic title "doctor“ (abbreviation of [[password: Ph.D.]] Ph.D. [[/ password]]).

Forms === Surgery

Most of us mean by surgery probably will present scenes from various shows from the hospital environment where the operating room the patient bends over several doctors and nurses in rouškách and with scalpel in hand. „Classic“ surgery in the general could be characterized as a medical discipline focused on the treatment of various injuries operational way. The knowledge of it can be used in many other medical fields (such as orthopedics, urology, gynecology, etc.).. In contrast, special surgery has been focused on certain areas – such as plastic surgery, Trauma, vascular, neonatal or infant, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, etc. General Surgery within the doctoral programs teach mainly in the first case, even in the second year in specialized fields then educate students during the second, respectively. third year. In the final year of study is mostly devoted to publishing the creation and completion of the dissertation. At our high schools in addition to „classic“ surgery to study a subject with attribute „experimental“, „military“ or „veterinary“.

  • ** ** Experimental Surgery

This field is, as stated in the propositions of the same field the dumping on the 1st, 2nd and 3 Faculty of Medicine, "focuses on the study of theoretical foundations of medical disciplines that use surgical procedures in the broadest sense. The subject of study and research are molecular biological, structural, pathophysiological and metabolic changes in damaged cells, tissues and organs that occur during the development of pathological processes, ev. in their experimental induction, and are influenced by surgery. " The specific focus of study is designed study a topic that the student had chosen when filing the application, which specializes in a particular area, so that after graduating school, leaving the true experts.

  • ** ** Military Surgery

Filling military field surgery is similar to conventional surgery, but is more focused on application of knowledge in the field of surgery in military practice. According to the synopsis of this field is stated on the website of the University of Defence in Brno, where he teaches military surgery, it is a „branch of medicine that combines knowledge, practical skills and abilities designed to provide surgical care in wars or civil peace in emergency conditions. Branch also integrates a set of knowledge and capacity on the tasks troops and their coordination with other organizations of the state “.

  • ** ** Veterinary Surgery

The content of the field of Veterinary Surgery is, as the name suggests, surgery aimed at the treatment of animals. Just an idea, for example in the previous academic year, the PhD field of Veterinary Surgery, orthopedics and radiology, which ensures the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Veterinary University in Brno, listed the following topics: „Current problems of surgical treatment of fractures in small animals“ and „Clinical applications of magnetic resonance conditions in small animal medicine. “

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3313/nuz­ky.JPG * *]

  • While most of us operating room associated with unpleasant moments of life for surgeons is the place to fulfill their mission (photo: Lucie Black, *

Admission tests === === Admission to the doctoral program at various schools can vary slightly, but generally include: an interview before the board Surgery Specialist Board, during which the candidate should demonstrate the conditions for creative scientific work and of course the basic industry knowledge and interest in the study. An integral part of the examination is the submission of the dissertation project, which will deal with the candidate during the study. Spot are also favored the existing scientific, research, publications and other activities related to the field. Part of the entrance exam for some doctoral programs (such as military field surgery to UO in Brno) is also a test of English. For most subjects offered include English language is a compulsory subject.

=== Where surgery study

  • Branch Surgery

** Medical Faculty of Charles University in Hradec Kralove ** Program: Surgery ** ** – applications by 30 4th 2010 Web:

** Medical Faculty of Charles University in Pilsen ** Program: Surgery – Application 30th 4th 2010 Web site: „www.lfp.cuni­.cz“:…

** Medical Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno ** Program: Surgery ** ** – applications by 30 4th 2010 Web site: „­.cz“:…

** Medical Faculty of Palacky University in Olomouc ** Program: Surgery ** ** – Application to 25 5th 2010 Web:

  • Field of Experimental Surgery

** 1 Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague ** Program: ** ** Experimental Surgery – Application 30th 4th 2010 Web site: „www.lf1.cuni­.cz“:…-biomedicine?…

** 2nd Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague ** Program: ** ** Experimental Surgery – Application 30th 4th 2010 Web site: „www.lf2.cuni­.cz“:…studium1.htm

** 3rd Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague ** Program: ** ** Experimental Surgery – Application 30th 4th 2010 Web site: „www.lf3.cuni­.cz“:…jimaci-dokt/

  • Military Field Surgery

** Faculty of Military Health Sciences, University of Defence in Hradec Kralove ** Programme: Military Surgery ** ** – receiving applications is already finished Web site: „“:

  • Branch Veterinary Surgery

** Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary and Pharmaceutical University ** Program: Veterinary Medicine ** ** – applications by 30 6th 2010 Web site: „“:…on-contacts/

** Interest from the field: **

  • The notion of surgery is derived from the Greek root / / cheirurgia / /, where the word / / cheir / / represents the Czech equivalent of „hand“ and / / ergein / / translates as "work
  • To be the oldest known "prechirurgický 'performance is considered trepanation (opening the skull) – take this argument led scientists find oldest known skull from trepanované period from 7300 to 6220 BC found in Ukraine
  • Beginnings of surgery are attributed to ancient Egyptians – the oldest evidence is discovered by finding local human mandible with two openings under the root of molars (ca 2750 BC)
  • Out of Egypt is heavily engaged in the surgery such as India, where he performed even vnitrobřišní operations (local surgeons were able to remove such stones from the bladder), there also comes the first mention of reconstructive surgery of the nose and ears, which have been cut off as punishment
  • The father of surgery is considered an Indian doctor Susrutha
  • Surgery is not always seen as a respected and important field, on the contrary – their place in the sun, particularly in times of early and high Middle Ages had to argue with traditional medicine. Surgery had been opposed to him, regarded as an inferior discipline, has operated only in the Middle Ages barbers and surgeons. The relative recognition and rediscovery of their ancient era has enjoyed until the late 16th century.
  • In the mid-19th century in clinical practice began to use the first anesthesia, further advances in the field meant the introduction of disinfectants and antibiotics, and later including the use of blood transfusion
  • Major innovation of the industry's recent use of telemedicine method called – because it might lead such an operation the surgeon from Prague in the United States
  • According to the concept of surgery, which can be found on „The Czech Surgical Society“:…, at the end of 2004, registered in the Czech Republic a total of 2541 doctors working in surgery
  • Popularization of the surgery took care of series like MASH, Plastic Surgery, Ltd., or Grey's Anatomy

** Source: ** Web kiosks individual faculties „“:… „“:… „Cs.wikipedia­.org“:

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