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Students in most cases have no idea what a college education is learning adviser says Added:28.4. 2010
Updated:14.10. 2011
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Students in most cases have no idea what a college education is learning adviser says

What mark would merit national Baccalaureate and what it means, it is difficult to learn? The transition to college a big change and can prepare for him a man? Not just to choose the right school and university level, you can read our interview with the educational advisor section. Radek Čejka.

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** We operate on an eight-year school as a student advisor. What your job involves and how it is you have to prepare yourself? **

The work of educational advisors – including counseling and career – is a particularly enormous responsibility. In some cases, can actually be the person who has a big share of future success or failure of the study and subsequent occupation. Moreover, if students know the long, up to eight years, and have good relationships with each other, thus a degree of responsibility is increasing. Preparation is a particularly good long-term diagnostics and students (currently working on the job dealing with the student's diag­nostic portfolio, which included among study results and a series of diagnostic tests processed since the advent of the student's gra­duation), then a good knowledge of current network of colleges and fields of study. I believe that good parenting – professional advisers should mainly be people you trust and have students taste and mood with him their problems.

** Each year, preparing new students for the challenges that await them at universities. What are the concerns most often encounter? We consider them unnecessary? **

Fear of the unknown unknown, and certainly does not seem to be unnecessary. The suspect would be if I fear the changes in students noticed. It is a combination of new concerns and expectations. Their other concerns are mainly about the potential rejection of the chosen field of study and then from his unfinished.

** According to what most students choose a college? **

The main word is currently more of an advisory, parents and close relatives. The choice is the students themselves. Some have no idea what life would be like to do. The direction and focus so just guessing. Evidence of the interviews, during which mentions three schools completely different type. Criteria for their career choice is then prestige, vision and financial evaluation. Recently it was shown to be a good way, when students know someone and trust that they will recommend the school to his good experience. It is also becoming more student / students who are profiled based on their interests and hobbies in second, third year. Students are also satisfied with the preparatory courses organized by the university. Preparing for future studies is then really sufficient.

** What are the most common mistakes students make in preparing for graduation and entrance exams? **

First, learn to type without context „I know everything, but hopefully I will not ask for anything, do not interrupt me.“ Second – they learn a little style „that he does not come out“ and thirdly to teach and say things like „Somehow it goes.“

** How would you rate the awareness of students about the claims of high school? **

If high schools do not have friends or siblings, and in most cases have no idea what specifically is a college. Expect more freedom and liberty, but know that it is redeemed, responsibility and autonomy. He does not know that non-submission deadline specified work is really the last and so on. Total awareness of programs and fields of study, entrance exams, etc. But thanks to the Internet is much larger and more deeply – who is looking for, that is. If you know what they look like.

** It is possible the demands of high school to prepare it in the last year of high school? **

I advocate that not possible – but necessary. Middle school and high school in particular, are preparing for college. Students should therefore be systematically trained for this specific performance. They may be working and producing a similar type as the university – including its presentation, then it may be a form and manner of testing and verification of knowledge.

** What is your opinion on the state high school diploma? **

The idea is excellent, very good support, good information, adequate financial performance, lack of implementation. As we say we are not English teachers: „Well cement“

** How should students learn? There are some universal advice? **

Good advice is universal and costly and extra rare.

** What advice as a student advisor usually udílíte? **

Universally good, but only rarely udílím and completely free.

** Observe the years of its existence in some fundamental changes in education, whether on the part of students or teachers? **

Positive changes are certainly in relations between teacher and pupil – is not always optimal, but still more close partnership, cooperation and not rivalry as before. But because each school is different, as well as teachers and students, this argument can not generalize. Negative changes are unfortunately. Increased number of schools, unfortunately, did not bring the expected competition, but only reduce the demands on most types of schools. The struggle for equal pupil to fight for money for school. This is the time of „crisis“ more than before, and so the quality is often replaced by quantity, of course, not without consequences for all concerned.

** What would you like in the future? **

Some time ago I was in an e-mail from a friend received the following: „Man, when I see what kind engineering and is almost afraid to go to the doctor,“ I hope and believe that the fulfillment of a joke in real life will never occur, and that thanks to high-quality students the level and prestige of our schools is still high.

** Thank you for your time! **

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