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Miss Catherine Kubáčková Academia: Graduating is my dream Added:9.4. 2010
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Miss Catherine Kubáčková Academia: Graduating is my dream

As the winner of this year's MISS ACADEMIA 2010 Catherine Kubečková preparing for finals? What are the fresh impressions from the competition? Why is it important to study? Not only that revealed in our interview.

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3318/kub­.jpg * *] ** How did you get to the finals of the Miss Academia prepared? ** At the finals, I somehow not prepared separately, but I originally was going to talent. It then but organizers canceled and replaced by creative men dress in sheets. Otherwise, I prepared as well as other 9 finalists during the week to concentrate in Zlin, where we learned choreography.

** Compared to conventional beauty contests Miss Academia puts more emphasis on that winner was not only beautiful but also smart. On what basis could the jury consider it? ** The finalists are selected not only according to appearance, but chiefly by the knowledge test, which is part of the casting. As far as the jury, so that no opportunity to get to know us before the finale – perhaps Mrs. Mayor, with whom we had a personal meeting and interview.

** Can you success in this competition in the future to bring any benefits? ** Participation in the competition in my future will bring no benefits in the studio. But in the case of participation in other competitions it is a benefit, there is the experience that :-)

** Miss Academia is not the first beauty contest, which you attended – what the Miss Academia differed from Miss eg apples, Miss Summer Phantom or Miss? ** Miss Academia is different in that, as I mentioned above, is already casting the knowledge test, with that I have yet to met any other competitions. And it is different in that the organizers are students and not professionals. But I can say that they too will be absolutely professional!

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3318/kub2­.jpg * *]

** Why is it important for you to study in college? ** It's my dream and goal graduate. And he gives interesting possibilities, a better job.

** Why did you decide to study management in the nonprofit sector? ** Because my dream is to help people and the nonprofit sector is all about helping people. And also because there is no mathematics :-)

** Depending on what you decided to study at the University of Ostrava? ** Ostrava is near my residence, I did not want to college. And because it offers a field that attracts me.

** What you sent word to the girls who participate in the Miss Academia thinking? ** Several girls that are there definitely logs, I know personally, so I informed you already. But otherwise all good luck at the casting :-)

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3318/kub4­.jpg * *]

** Catherine ** Kubečková (20) comes from the Upper Terlicko Karviná, studying at the University of Ostrava in Ostrava branch management in the nonprofit sector and among her hobbies include sports, traveling and movies.

Video report from the final evening will find „here.“: Http://­­tJlI

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