The fight against plagiarism and intensifying in secondary schools Added:10.4. 2010
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The fight against plagiarism and intensifying in secondary schools

The system for detecting plagiarism in school work, developed by computer scientists from Masaryk University, began to serve in secondary schools. It first started to use the Gymnasium in Brno – Reckovice. Newly joined eighteen high or higher vocational schools and other educational institutions, which through the „“: seminar and monitor their school work.

„The fairness in the development work is necessary to educate students in high school, to explain their ethical rules, work with the resources and how to cite,“ says school director Peter Krupka. The system finds application in monitoring the work of secondary school activities or other school documents, such as writing papers or future graduation thesis. system enables monitoring of school work, not only between the work that into the school involved in the project located, but compares well with the final work. The control system of bachelor's, master's, doctoral, doctoral and other works under the name „“: insert text twenty-seven universities and colleges.

The uniqueness of the project is currently involved in the solidarity of schools, which receive first opportunity to find similar documents, but at the same time expanding the database of documents, thus increasing the likelihood of finding the suspect text. Currently the database contains 1.89 million documents.

List of participating schools can be found at „“: and „“:

Source: Press release Masaryk University

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