Economic crisis affects graduates Added:12.4. 2010
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Economic crisis affects graduates

Web portal „“: based on the statistics online job search services evaluate the chances of graduates in the labor market this year. They find themselves in a much more competitive environment than in last years. A significant advantage of the experience acquired during their studies through an internship or part-time jobs. „Employers today are looking primarily for candidates who already have at least little work experience and is not to train too. This trend is expected in the coming years,“ says Jaroslav Macnar, Marketing Director The training of the associated costs is that companies can save by experienced newcomers.

Students are therefore worth gather work experience in the field during their studies and also provide useful contacts for future job search. It is also important to continually educate and to have a well prepared resume current. At the very job search should be used as working portals, recruitment agencies and offices work closely to prepare for interviews, to be able to present and write a good cover letter. And especially not to let failure discourage potential.

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