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Studying abroad not only through the Erasmus Added:17.4. 2010
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Studying abroad not only through the Erasmus

Study abroad is particularly in recent years, a very popular vehicle for both the student life to gain the most from what this life stage has to offer. Hardly anyone knows that and the ability to get to study abroad is much more than just those that the school offers, which are currently studying.

Abroad can now be studied for different lengths of time – from one-semester program culminating in the full study title. In particular, short-term programs are now very popular among students because their offer is still broader and more even in terms of financial costs are not as completely unavailable (although certainly not for free as well). And some of them are now in our review focus.

Why go abroad?

The answer to the question, why go through so threw, which is preparing applications, collecting letters of recommendation and other matters necessary for the stipendijnímu admissions program which eventually Vrdy not be successful, it is still obvious. While the students from their temporary place of work abroad return with diverse experiences and impressions, and in any case come with valuable experience, language improved equipment and new contacts. What's more, the passing of such a placement is also quite pleasing later resume item. The main advantage of most of the following programs of study in addition to the mediation itself and its hinterland in particular financial assistance. Assigned scholarship, however, mostly just to cover basic expenses such as travel to the country, or language training, boarding and lodging. The rest of costs is most often dependent on the financial participation of the student himself.

If you still are not sure of such a „trip“ one go, there is nothing better than to talk with those who have already completed it. After all, several interviews with graduate study and internships can be found on our website: for example, remember the following student Judith Smejkalová to its „stay in Turkey“:…em/index.php?…, his „stay in Greece“:…em/index.php?… for us to reflect Matthew and Veronica „like“: index.php? article = 2040 & id = 2354 again looks memories Danish intern Barbara Peter. Talks on this topic but you can find on our site much more – can be found in „this“:…em/index.php?… section.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3321/Vzpo­minky.jpg] / / Students from their trips abroad usually bring in a lot of experience, but also memories (photomontage: Lucy Black, / /

Erasmus === === Perhaps the best known program focused on the mobility of university students' Erasmus:… (yes, really is named after Erasmus Rotterdam), the agent is National Agency for European Educational Programmes (NAEP). The Erasmus program is open to all students of selected colleges and a university undergraduate and graduate students of the cycle, who have successfully completed at least 1 year of study (full-time, distance and combined forms). Erasmus is open to only those students whose school is in the Erasmus program „Wired“:… & and taking over the school well known . The program can choose from many schools in the countries belonging to the EU, or candidate, or from universities belonging to the EEA countries (ie Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein) and also in Turkey. Among the most frequently chosen cíloviště has now clearly one of Germany followed by France and Great Britain. The choice is also made from various lengths of study, which range from 3 months to one year. More information on Erasmus to find either on site NAEP, or „here“:…em/index.php?….

AIA === === Another way to get some foreign universities, is to go to the Centre for International Services of the Ministry, namely the Academic Information Agency („AIA“:…- project-folder project_folder_id = 13 & &). It organizes its scholarships in cooperation with international agreements, which show the length of study, the number of vacancies, requirements for applicants offered a scholarship, etc. are not listed on the particular university, candidates for the scholarship you must therefore find themselves. AIA Student scholarships are open to all students at public universities in the Czech Republic.

CEEPUS === === Outside activities of the AIA offers a House Foreign Service Program at Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies (CEEPUS „:… &), which is compared to the previous organized within the network of universities involved in several European countries. The Czech Republic is engaged in activities CEEPUS in 1996. CEEPUS scholarships cover mainly the cost of accommodation and meals, open only to students of full-time study. However, the program can attend soon after the second semester. If the school you are studying, is not part of the network CEEPUS, you can subscribe to the selection process as "freemover“:…em/index.php?…. Chance to award scholarships, but it slightly decreases.

=== Foundation Scholarships

The promotion of foreign scholarship students are the focus of its activities as well as some foundations. At random, let us mention for example the Open Society Fund Prague (OSF „:…i/stipendia/) or be the Dagmar and Vaclav Havel, subtitled“ Vision 97 ": http:// / / Support studentu.php.

=== Industry-specific scholarships

Some organizations and agencies are also trying to promote, in particular those students who could one day become experts in areas that correspond precisely with areas of interest of these organizations. For example, the target group stipnedijního fund, called Fund for United American and Slovak Leadership Studies „AFCSLS“: students are subjects related to health care, education or environmental protection. The scholarship is six months and its content is an individual study plan linked with the practice of prestigious U.S. universities.

Study in specific countries

In the Czech Republic there are also many agencies and institutions that specialize in or is still just launched cooperation with selected countries. For example, to go to study in Germany ** ** You can contact studentischen Gemeinschaft für Austausch in Mittel-und Europa Haven (GFPS-CZ „:… = 4), the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD ":…) or even a“ Czech-German Fund for the Future „: . aspx? idsekce = 5946. Who would have wanted to be ** Liechtenstein, Norway ** or ** Iceland **, you can apply for a scholarship under the so-called. EEA Financial Mechanism and Norwegian (EEA / Norway ":…), which is like Erasmus implemented under the administration of NAEP. The ** United States ** in addition to the above-mentioned U.S. Fund focuses most of the familiar "a Fulbright Scholarship“:…obcany.shtml „Scholarship Paul Robitscheka ":…k/index.aspx awarded to the nine-month study at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, or you can try your luck to be in Kristyna M. Driehaus Foundation (“KMD": In contrast, for example, „Visegrad Fund“:…arships.html how to have the name implies, focuses mainly on the so-called Co-operation. ** ** Visegrad Four countries (Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland), but also to other countries, mainly former Soviet bloc. ** ** In Austria again focused the „Action“:… &, coordinated already mentioned the House Foreign Service. Scholarships are awarded the AKTION individuals regardless of school or department study (excluded are the only field of art). Candidates for the scholarship, however, must be made at time of application at least 3. year master's or bachelor's degree.

For students with disabilities

In addition to the above, there are also foundations that focus specifically on students with physical disabilities. These include "The foundation of Livia and Václav Klaus':…tipendia.asp Mohe and more.

Other useful links

  • „“:… – survey of university scholarships on the website of the European Information Network for Youth
  • „“:…ka-stipenida – survey of university scholarships on the website of the National Youth Information Centre (developed by J. Čákiová, N. Jogheeová updated)

Author: Černá, Lucie

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