Ostrava undergraduates will have a rag twice Added:13.4. 2010
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Ostrava undergraduates will have a rag twice

Besides Prague, Brno, Plzen and Hradec Kralove celebrate their holidays as well student Ostrava. And it twice. ** 28th ** April May Festival organized by The University ** ** ** 5 and May VSB **. April's Rag is in addition to Western-style music (Sunshine, Anna K or Punk Floid) will within a month of exhibitions, theater and dance workshops. The May Rag relies on music (one hundred animals, Jaroslav Uhlir, etc.) and present student school activities.

President of the Students Union Estates VSB-TUO Ing. Jiri Petru said: "Our rag is from start to finish prepared students for students. Students participating in the selection of bands, food selection, selection of attractions, the students themselves work in the physical organization of Rag Day. "Both events will start the parade of masks. Admission is free.

** More information ** „Majales.vsb.cz“: http://sus.vsb.cz/cz/aktuality/?… „Majales.osu.cz“: http://www.majales.osu.cz/majales.php „Rag April facebook“: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?…

Source: the above web site and a press release the organizers of the event.

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