Grammar school in Pirna offers secondary education for the Czechs Added:20.4. 2010
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Grammar school in Pirna offers secondary education for the Czechs

If you have younger siblings, you can highlight the possibility of graduate school in Germany. Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports launches tender for additional study at the Friedrich Schiller Gymnasium in the town of Pirna. This is a six-year grammar schools with a detailed teaching of foreign languages, which financially supports the Ministry of reimbursement of the costs of tuition, teaching materials, accommodation and meals. German school-leaving certificate graduates will be recognized in the Czech Republic.

A prerequisite for admission is for a good, basic knowledge of German or English language and passing the test in the Czech language and mathematics, including an oral interview.

Students present the sixth year of primary school or a corresponding multi-year high school can apply to 11 ** 6th 2010 ** to the following address: Decin High School, Comenius Square 4th

** More information ** „“:…e-studiu-v-7 „Www.schiller­“:

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