Czech National Bank has recognized testing ESF MU Added:17.4. 2010
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Czech National Bank has recognized testing ESF MU

The Economics and Administration Faculty of Masaryk University can now take proficiency tests to work on capital markets, and in five different areas. „We focused on training and testing of persons who deal with customers, ie sales of investment instruments, investment broker, portfolio manager and investment adviser, since these fields have been active for several years,“ said Gabriel Oškrdalová, Secretary of the Institute for Financial Market , which organizes the test.

Faculty of Economics and Administration, which is part of the institute, became the first operator in the Czech Republic to the Czech National Bank (CNB) has received approval to establish its system of professional examinations to work in the capital markets.

Courses can benefit all students, full and part-time study at Masaryk University and the people outside the university in lifelong learning. „In the next stage would then like to extend an offer for workers in the field of risk management, internal audit and compliance,“ added Secretary of information that faculty collaboration with the CNB will continue.

** Source: ** MU press release

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