Also returning to Olomouc Rag Added:23.4. 2010
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Also returning to Olomouc Rag

Students of the University, the oldest Moravian after a long time elect their king. On Monday 3rd ** ** May 2010 from 14 hours in Manchester will again be held Rag student, preparing to join the dozens of students across faculties and disciplines.

One of the main agenda item will be a choice of king Majáles UP 2010 and the subsequent parade of masks, the center of the city of Olomouc. The cultural part of the program will play Olomouc band performances will be included in the program will also be various competitions, exhibitions, workshops, presentations, student organizations and activities, exchange or script.

Admission to all events (except for the afterparty in the U-Club) is free.

** More information ** „News Palacky University“:…cle/70/7199/

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